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A Hunter Story in English About Stubbornness

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Hunter Story in English for Kids with a Moral

Do you know who is a hunter? A hunter is a person who catches animals either for food and other materials or to cage them as pets. An animal that hunts or kills other animals for food can also be called a hunter. Can you think of any such animal? A lion, a wolf, a tiger, etc. are all hunter animals. Humans also used to hunt animals for meat, wool, horns, skin, etc.

However, humans, these days, are not allowed to hunt. It is not right as it leads to the vanishing of many beautiful animals from our planet Earth. On the other hand, wild animals need to hunt for food in order to survive. When we do not listen and do what is right, we get punished for our wrongdoings. Let’s read a story about a stubborn hunter who learnt a lesson for doing the wrong thing. 

The Stubborn Hunter Learns a Lesson

The Hunter Holding the Rabbit and His Spear

The Hunter Holding the Rabbit and His Spear

Once upon a time, there was a forest full of different kinds of animals. All of them lived happily together. But one day, a hunter from a nearby village started hunting and killing many animals in the forest. Most of all, he loved hunting rabbits as he was fond of wearing woollen garments made of rabbit fur. The animals of the forest lived in fear of him. All his friends advised him not to hunt the animals in the forest, especially the rabbits but he never listened to them. He rudely yelled at them saying, “Mind your own business. Don’t tell me what to do.”

One winter afternoon, the hunter was arranging his hunting tools, which included a net, a knife, a spear, a rope, and a bow and arrow. A sage who was walking past him stopped after seeing this. He asked the hunter, “What are you going to do with these?” The hunter replied, “I will hunt a rabbit and make a coat from its fur.” The sage told the hunter that it is a sin to kill innocent animals and that he should stop hunting or he would be punished. The hunter became very angry and said, “I will hunt and no one can stop me. No one has the power to punish me.” He left to venture into the forest and the sage decided to sit there and meditate.


Shortly after, the hunter returned with a rabbit in his hand. He told the sage who was meditating, “Look! I have brought a rabbit. Now I will kill it and peel out its skin. Let’s see who dares to punish me.” Just as the hunter was about to kill the rabbit, his knife slipped out of his hand and struck his foot. The hunter screamed in pain and let the rabbit go. His leg started bleeding heavily and he kept writhing in pain. He realised his mistake and that the Almighty had punished him for his sin. The hunter asked for forgiveness from the sage and gave up hunting. Thereafter, he started feeding and caring for animals. He also spoke to everyone politely and treated them kindly.


The story of this stubborn hunter leaves us with a few lessons. One of them is being stubborn about wrong things that are not appropriate. The hunter suffered because of his stubbornness. We have also learnt that killing animals unnecessarily is a sin and that sins are always punished. Treating all humans kindly and being polite are good qualities that all of us should possess.

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FAQs on A Hunter Story in English About Stubbornness

1. Why were the animals in the forest living in fear of the hunter?

The animals in the forest lived together in harmony. However, when the hunter who lived in a nearby village started hunting the forest animals, many of them died. The hunter would hunt a lot of rabbits because he used rabbit fur to make woollen garments for himself. He was quite fond of wearing such garments. Even though he was told by his friends and the sage not to hunt animals, he ignored them all. This is why the animals in the jungle lived in fear of the hunter. 

2. How do we know the hunter was stubborn?

We know that the hunter was stubborn because he would neither listen to the advice of his friends nor the sage. The hunter was determined that he would not give up hunting. When his friends told him it is not right to hunt animals, he spoke to them rudely and ignored their words. Similarly, when the sage told him it was a sin, he also turned a deaf ear. It was only when he got punished then he realised his mistake and stopped hunting.