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Jasmine Story for Kids

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An Introduction to The Jasmine Story

Stories are a great way to teach kids about new languages, cultures and literary tools. The Jasmine Story is one such short tale that depicts the story of the love of a princess for her pet.

The story is a great fascinating tale that can be enjoyed by both parents and kids. In this article, we provide the Jasmine Story in simple English that can help in encouraging kids to read more literature.

Let us look at the fascinating tale of a young princess and her pet.


The Tale of Princess Jasmine

Jasmine was a princess who lived in a palace. She was depressed and in desperate need of a companion.

Her father was saddened by her daughter's melancholy. "Poor Jasmine, I wish I could make you happy," her father remarked.

He gave Jasmine a large gift box the next day. The enormous present was hidden beneath the scarlet bedsheet.

 He exclaimed, "Open it!"

Jasmine yanked the scarlet bedsheet from the bed. It turned out to be a tiger cub. 

"I'm going to nickname you Rajah," Jasmine exclaimed with happiness. She was overjoyed.

Rajah and Jasmine accomplished a lot of things together. They sat in the sun, observed butterflies, and engaged in a variety of activities. Rajah was well cared for by Jasmine.

Every day, she used to brush and feed him. She lavished him with affection. Jasmine enjoyed scratching and rubbing his velvety belly. Rajah enjoyed it as well. Rajah was kept secure by the princess.

She also enjoyed dressing up with him. Rajah's bed was made by Jasmine. They were fast asleep at night.

Soon Rajah became bigger and bigger with the passage of time! Rajah grew into a massive and powerful tiger.

Rajah now protected Jasmine from harm. Rajah was far too tall to dress up. He had outgrown his cute tiny bed. But a belly rub and a large hug was never too big for him!

Jasmine and Rajah

Jasmine and Rajah


The Jasmine Story for kids depicts the love and bond between the tiger and the princess. The story can be used to teach kids how to take responsibility for the pets they love. The story is also a good way to teach kids to be friendly to the stray animals they see around.

Apart from it, short stories like the Jasmine story is a great way to introduce kids to literature. Short stories, such as the one featured in the article, are a great method to encourage a child's creative thinking. This sort of story can teach children literary abilities such as character assessment, narrative, and creative reasoning. 

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FAQs on Jasmine Story for Kids

1. What kind of pet did Jasmine have?

Jasmine had a pet tiger named Rajah. She was gifted the tiger when he was a small cub. As time passed by, the tiger grew bigger. He was loved by Jasmine and he also loved the princess in return. He protected Jasmine from any potential threats. 

2. What was the favourite activity of Rajah and Jasmine that they did together?

Rajah grew up to be a large tiger but since his childhood, he loved getting belly rubs and hugs from the princess. Laying on the grass and playing with the princess was the favourite pastime for both the princess and the pet tiger.