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Halloween Story for Kids - The Witch

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Story of the Witch Who was Frightened of Halloween

This is one of the most entertaining Halloween short stories for children. Halloween is both scary and lovely, as every child knows. It's terrifying because there are witches and wizards in the area, and it's sweet because kids are looking for treats.

This story is about a small girl who is a witch, and it's probably more lovely than scary. Katie is her name, and her classmates think she's strange and doesn't believe she can perform magic. She's scared of Halloween because she thinks they'll torment her more than usual, but she's prepared with a number of useful tricks and treats.

Let us look at the story in detail in this article.

The Witch Who was Frightened of Halloween

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Katie. Katie was seven years old, and she shared a wonderful home with her mother, father, and a dog named Muffin. Except for Muffin, who was an addy witch (a dog who casts spells), they were all witches.

It wasn't all bad being a witch. All mothers had to twitch their noses and the cleaning will be done. With a wave of his stick, Dad could cut the lawn by himself. Muffin's paws would click, and a few dog treats would fall from the sky. They even told Katie a little bit of magic. She had figured out how to make her homework do itself, and she could tidy her room simply by twitching her ear. However, there was one thing Katie disliked, and that was Halloween.

Katie, Holding a Halloween

Katie, Holding a Halloween

When the leaves began to fall from the trees and the nights become longer, all of the children in her school and neighbourhood became incredibly excited about Halloween. They created outfits with long sharp noses and spots, as well as nasty black hats and broomsticks.

"Witches are not like that at all!" Katie told her friends. "My mother appears to be pretty beautiful!" When the other girls heard this, they burst out laughing. They laughed, "Katie thinks she's a witch." "Like a witch, she's ugly and horrible!" Katie was sad and crying when she returned home that day. "Everyone hates witches, and they especially detest them around Halloween!" she said to her mother when she was asked what happened.

Her mother tried to explain that, while some people dislike witches, they could be useful at times. Katie, on the other hand, was still sad. Katie refused to participate in a trick-or-treat tour of the street organised by the girls from her school on Halloween night. Her mother, on the other hand, advised her to leave because a witch can't possibly stay on Halloween. She said something in Katie's ear in a low voice.

When Katie joined the other girls, several of them began laughing at her. They joked that "Katie does not require to dress up because she is a witch already." She was ashamed, so she chose to remain silent. From the first house, they got lemon juice. The second contained a jumbo pack of sweets, the third included an excess of crackers, and the fourth contained a massive packet of chocolate biscuits.

But there was a man named Mr Bones who lived in the fifth house. He disliked the children. He didn't see why he should give them anything to eat. When they knocked on the door, he shouted, "Buzz off, you foolish kids!" "Trick-or-treat?" the girls cried. Mr Bones creased his face with a nasty smile and said, "Well, I believe I'll take a trick." "But one of us is a true witch," Amelia, the eldest of the girls, said. "Yes, yes!" says the speaker. They all cried out, "Katie is a true witch."

"That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard!" Mr Bones said, laughing. "Go for it, Katie!" "Let's test if you're actually a witch," Amelia said. As a result, Katie took a step ahead. Katie recalled her mother whispering something in her ear. It was a special spell.

All the girls gasped in amazement as Katie spoke those magical words and wriggled her ear. Mr Bones was suddenly no longer Mr Bones. He was a small brown hamster with fluffy fur. He was spinning on a wheel within the cage. The girls all burst out laughing. Katie leaned against the bars of the cage. "Is it enjoyable to be a hamster?" With a squeak and a shake of his head, the tiny creature expressed his displeasure with the situation. Katie spun the wheel in such a way that it had to keep going faster and faster.

Mr Bones was changed back into a man after she spoke the magic words once more. He answered quickly and hurriedly, "I'll grab you some snacks gals." He came back with a huge quantity of soft drinks, cookies, chocolate bars, and even a new Barbie DVD for all the girls. He said, "please return the following year, girls.” "I'll bring you even better stuff!" He returned inside, a nervous expression on his face.

Everyone heard that there was a real witch out for trick-or-treat, so everyone gave out more cookies and sweets than normal, as well as some gifts. Katie quickly went to the top of her class. "After all," she said when she came home, "being a witch isn't that bad, and I think I'm going to love Halloween from now on."

Summary of the Story

This story is the portrayal of the young witch who finds happiness and confidence after accepting her identity. The story portrays the little witch named Katie, who felt embarrassed and was teased for being a witch, she also hated Halloween for the same reason. 

Katie also was frightened because she thought she would not be able to perform the magic tricks. But as Halloween day approached Katie along with her friends went for tricked and treating. As they reached the home of Mr. Bones, the kids explained that Katie was in fact a witch, listing this Mr. Bones laughed and laughed.  

Amelia, one of the girls asked Katie to perform some trick to prove that she indeed was a witch. To prove her magic, she turned Mr. Bones into a small brown hamster with fluffy fur. All the kids laughed and p[raised the little witch and soon she whispered the magic speel and changed the hamster into its original form.

Mr. bones impressed by the magic brought a lot of candies, soon everybody came to know that Katie was indeed a witch and she became popular. The witch who was once frightened of Halloween became the happiest.

The moral of the story is to accept our true selves and always be confident.


This was the complete narrative of the witch story. We hope that children will appreciate this story and that it will pique their interest in literature. To wrap up this article, we'd want to stress the relevance of stories and poems in children's overall development.

While it is enjoyable to read books, the values and lessons acquired can help youngsters build character and emotional intelligence. Storytelling is a fun way for children to learn about moral values such as kindness, empathy, and hard work. Reading stories can also help children increase their language and creativity. This, we would highly advocate reading as many stories as possible to kids.

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FAQs on Halloween Story for Kids - The Witch

1. Who was Katie?

Katie, a witch belongs to the family of witches. But she goes to school, does her lessons, and plays with her friends. She is afraid of being teased on Halloween by her classmates.

2. Did Katie receive any candies?

Katie received a lot of candies from Mr. Bones as well as from other households. She showed her magic tricks and all the girls and even adults were very impressed by it in return, they offered a lot of candies and sweet treats to the young witch. Katie was the happiest on the day of Halloween.