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Stories About Cute Kids

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A Bag of Cute Kid Stories from around the World

Almost all of us have grown up listening to stories at bedtime. Who doesn’t love a good bedtime story? But are you bored of listening to the same story again and again? Cheer up because we have brought you some interesting and cute kid stories from different countries and cultures. From now on, bedtime will no longer be the same and boring.

Bedtime stories have nearly become a tradition in almost every culture. Our grandparents and parents have been reading or narrating stories from popular folktales, myths, and legends to us and in the process have passed down essential morals, values, life skills, and a sense of judgement. These stories prepare our little ones for life and make them responsible for their actions and choices.

Some Interesting Tales to Add to Your Collection

If you love talking animals, heroes, magic, and mermaids, you will surely enjoy reading or listening to the stories we have collected for you.

Why the Bat Flies by Night

Have you ever wondered why bats only fly at night whereas birds fly during the day? This African folklore has the answer to this question. Let’s read it!

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Long ago, two best friends, a bush rat named Oyot and a bat named Emiong, cooked and ate together. The bat made a delicious soup that the rat loved. Emiong was very jealous of Oyot.

One day, Oyot asked Emiong, “How do you make such tasty soup?” The bat said, “Do you want to learn my secret? I will teach you”. The bat brought a pot of cold water and lied that it was boiling. He then jumped in and said, “The only way my soup becomes tasty is when I boil myself in it. You need to do the same to make yours tasty too”.

Foolish Oyot returned home and asked his wife to boil some water so that he can make a tasty soup. When Oyot’s wife had gone to fetch the vegetables, he jumped into the boiling water and died. The wife pleaded with the king for justice. The king ordered his soldiers to catch Emiong and punish him. Out of fear for his life, the bat ran away and hid behind a bush. He only came out at night to eat his food. This is why we only see bats flying at night.

A Tale of Maui

Have you watched Moana? Remember Maui? Well, here is a little story about Maui from Polynesian mythology.


Maui was very curious about fire. He wanted to know where the fire came from and asked his mother about the same. Maui’s mother, who was the leader of the village, told him that the fire goddess, Mahuika, gave them fire when they needed it. Maui then went to meet Mahuika who lived in a cave inside the burning mountain.

She gave Maui a burning fingernail of hers but Maui doused it and asked for more. He kept repeating this till she only had a toenail left. Mahuika became angry and sent fire to chase after Maui. He then sought the help of the weather god to put the fire out. The fire goddess then threw her last toenail at the mischievous Maui but instead it landed on the trees that accepted the fire as a gift from the goddess.

Maui returned to his village with a few branches from those trees and told his villagers, “This is how we can rub dry branches of trees and make fire”. This is how humans learnt to make fire.

The Mermaid’s Ring

Here’s a fairytale from Scotland that tells us what we want may not always be right for us.

The mermaid gave the fisherman a ring

Once upon a time, a fisherman caught a mermaid in his net. He let go of her and received a gift from the mermaid. It was a magical ring which he could give to the woman he loved but only after a year. On his way back home, the fisherman met a homeless girl. She begged him for food and instead promised to work for him.

The fisherman took her home. He gave her food to eat and a place to sleep. The girl too kept her promise and helped him with his work. She made his bed, brought him firewood and cooked food. The fisherman told her about the ring and his wish to marry the prettiest girl in the village. A year had passed and the girl decided to leave since it was time for the fisherman to marry his love. When the fisherman met the prettiest girl he wanted to marry, he realised that he no longer loved her. Instead, he returned to the homeless girl and told her that she was his true love now.

A Tale of Three Fish

Let’s read a story about three fish from our favourite Panchatantra.

The three fish

Three fish who were friends lived in a lake. Their names were Wise, Clever, and Stubborn. One day, Wise heard that a fisherman would be fishing in their lake the next day and informed his friends about it. Clever and Stubborn decided to stay in the lake but Wise left it to save his life.

Next day, the fisherman caught Clever and Stubborn while fishing. Clever pretended to be dead and so the fisherman threw him away. He had managed to save his life but Stubborn did not try to escape and died.


These cute kid stories have a moral hidden for all readers. They will not only be enjoyable for the kids but also boost their curious minds to think and learn. Parents can also instil a habit of reading among children through these easy, short tales.

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FAQs on Stories About Cute Kids

1. Mention the important lessons you learnt from any two among the given stories.

From the story, ‘Why the Bat Flies by Night’, we can learn two important lessons. One of them is that we should not blindly trust anyone without thinking or consulting with others. If Oyot had not blindly believed Emiong and instead spoken to his wife about it, he may have been alive. ‘A Tale of Three Fish’ teaches us that being wise and clever is always rewarding. On the other hand, being stubborn about something wrong will always result in suffering. 

2. How do we know that both Maui and the fisherman were kind people?

We know that both Maui and the fisherman were kind people because when Maui discovered that dry tree branches could be rubbed to make fire he shared the knowledge with his villagers instead of selfishly keeping it to himself. On the other hand, the fisherman had set the mermaid free after she got caught in his net. Moreover, he treated the homeless girl well and gave her food and shelter.