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The Little Tailor

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The Brave Little Tailor - The One Who Blew Seven Flies in a Blow!

Hello Kids! Did you hear the story of the brave little tailor? He who blew seven flies at one blow, he who convinced the giant that he is actually powerful. 

Let us read the story of the little tailor.

The Story of the Little Tailor 

The Brave Little Tailor Sitting by the Window

The Brave Little Tailor Sitting by the Window

One fine summer morning, the little tailor was sitting by the window and enjoying the day. He was always in good spirits, he with all his might sewed good clothes. Next, he heard women selling good jams at a cheaper price. So the little tailor called the woman promising to buy all the jams from her. 

After a moment’s judgment, the tailor bought only one jar of jam!

He thought the bread to be the blessing of God and thus he spread the jam over his bread to enjoy his hearty loaf. But before it, he decided to finish the jacket. He kept the bread by his side and sewed it as fast as he could. 

In the meantime, the smell of jam attracted the flies. 

The tailored man was upset with this and the flies increased in number. He was now very angry. Thus, he took a piece of cloth in an attempt to smash the flies.

He smashed all seven flies. The flies were left dead with their legs stretched. 

With this victory, he decided to announce to the world that he had smashed the seven flies in one go. He wrote to himself “Seven dead with one go”.

While going on top of the mountain, he met a giant. With the words written on him, the giant thought the little man must have killed seven-man in one stroke. So the giant picked up a rock, squeezed it and pumped water out of it. The giant asked the man to do the same. 

The tailor was clever. He took out a piece of cheese from his pocket and squeezed it until water dripped from it. The giant did not see the cheese, he thought it to be a rock. Now, the giant challenged him to throw a stone high up in the air.

To this, the tailor threw a bird imitating it to be a stone. In this way, he deceived the Giant and made him believe that he was powerful. 

Next, the Giant out of anger tried to kill him so he invited him to stay with the Giants at night. But the tailor suspected the Giant. At night, the tailor got down the bed and went off. The Giant thought the tailor was still in his bed so he threw the bed from the cliff.

Next morning in the woods, the Giant heard the tailor call he was afraid and thought this was all in his head. 

This was the story about the Little tailor who deceived the Giant successfully. The story is a true representation of the mind being superior to the body's strength. 

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FAQs on The Little Tailor

1. What is the moral of the story?

The moral of the story is that courage and brains are more powerful than anybody's strength. You can get out of any difficult situation with courage and a witty mind.

2. Why was the Giant afraid of the tailor?

The night when the tailor was invited to the giant’s cave, the giant thought to bluff him by throwing him with his bed down the cliff. The giant did the same but the tailor was aware of the cruelness of the Giant so he eloped long back. 

The next morning the giant was wandering in the forest. At that time he heard the tailor. This made the Giant struck with fear as now he thought the powerful tailor would kill him for trying to kill the tailor last night.