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A Humorous Story in English for Little Kids

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Funny and Interesting Stories or Humorous Stories to Read

Humorous is a word that is derived from the word humour. It simply means that a humorous story in English is meant for laughter and fun that readers would enjoy reading. It can also convey an important lesson while making the readers laugh. Humorous stories are a fun way to spark children's imagination. We can say that if something is humorous, it's funny.

Humorous stories are important for children as they make a connection through laughter, create a bond during storytime with parents or teachers,  improve sense of humour and reading habit, and make stories interesting. Here are some interesting humorous stories in English with a meaningful message.

1. Fresh Fish Sold Here

A man named Fujadin opened a shop to sell fish. He hung a board on which he wrote “FRESH FISH SOLD HERE” to attract customers.

Fish Seller

Fish Seller

 A man stopped at the shop. He looked at the board and said, “why do you write ‘fresh’? No one sells fresh fish”. Fujadin thanked him and rubbed off the word ‘fresh’ from the board. The board now read, “FISH SOLD HERE”.

Another person who was going through his shop, looked at the board and said, “Is it necessary to mention the word “here”? It is obvious that everyone can see fish in your shop, so fish is sold only here.” Fujadin thanked him and removed the word ’here’. Now the board read “FISH SOLD”.

A few moments later, the teacher of the village school stopped and noticed the board. He said to Fujadin, “You have to keep the fish to sell, not give to charity so why do you write it?” Fujadin thanked him and rubbed the word sold. Now the board said, “FISH”.

Another man visited the shop to buy fish and said, “I could smell the fish from a mile away, why do you announce fish?” He thanked him and rubbed the last word also. Now the board was empty. Then his wife came to the shop and scolded him “Is this a way to attract your customers? Why don't you write “FRESH FISH SOLD HERE”? After receiving advice from so many people, the man was very sad and couldn't decide what to do or what not. Then his wife told him, “Listen to all but do whatever your heart says and that should be correct for you.” After listening to his wife, Fujadin thought for a few minutes and decided to hang a board again and write “FRESH FISH SOLD HERE”. Now, he happily sells fish in his shop.

Moral of the Story: Listen to everyone but do whatever your head and heart ask you to do.

2. Ant and Elephant

Ant and Elephant

Ant and Elephant

Once upon a time, there were two friends, one was an ant and the other was an elephant. One day, they decided to go into the garden. The garden was far away from their house. They decided to go by scooter. They spent their whole day in the garden and enjoyed it very much. While returning home, they met with an accident. The elephant got badly hurt. But the ant was safe and did not receive any injuries. The ant took the elephant to the hospital. Everyone asked the ant, “How did you escape safely and without any injuries?”

Can you guess how? Because the ant was wearing a helmet. The ant replied that our safety is in our hands. We should always wear a helmet while driving a vehicle. The elephant promised the ant that front the next time, he would never forget to wear a helmet.

Moral of the Story: We should always wear a helmet for our safety when riding or driving any vehicle on the road. We should also follow traffic rules.


In this article, we discussed two stories and each of them gave us a new and learning experience. From the first story, what we learn is that we should listen to everyone but we should do whatever is right for us just like Fujadin did at the end. From the second story, we learnt that we should always wear a helmet while driving like the ant, otherwise, we might get hurt like the elephant. Both the stories tried to teach us life lessons along with making us laugh.

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FAQs on A Humorous Story in English for Little Kids

1. What did Fujadin’s wife advise him to do and why?

Fujadin's wife told him to listen to all but do whatever his heart said and that it was correct for him. She said this because the man hung a board on which he wrote “FRESH FISH SOLD HERE” to attract customers but people advised him to cut off the words one by one. And by doing so, the board eventually became empty and the man was sad and confused about what to write on the board. Hence, his wife advised him not to come to the words of others.

2. What does the ant teach us in a humorous story in English? Why is a helmet essential while travelling?

The ant taught us the lesson of safety. We should always wear a helmet while travelling by vehicle. It is only for our safety. The ant had worn a helmet and escaped scratch-free, whereas the elephant had not worn a helmet and had hurt himself at the time of the accident. By wearing helmets, we can prevent ourselves from some serious injuries that can happen at the time of an accident. We can say that our safety is in our hands and we should wear a helmet whenever needed.

3. What is the purpose of a humorous story?

Humorous stories imply stories that are meant for laughter. They make an interesting read for both kids and adults. It is funny but at the same time, it should have some meaningful message so that children can make sense of the story and learn some moral values from each story. Through such stories, a bond can be built between children and teachers or parents. Children may take more interest in reading. It can improve their sense of humour too.