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The Happy Letter D Stories

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Story of Happy Letter D with Pictures and Moral

Letter D Stories: There lived a happy Letter D in the land of woods. He was always smiling and remained happy. He also had a friend called letter U, who always wondered what made Letter D so happy that he smiled all day. He soon discovered that Letter D used to see things differently and appreciated all the little things in his life. 

The other letters, on the other hand, did not understand this and questioned him about his happy and friendly nature.

The happy letter D stories

The happy letter D stories

One day, Letter D’s friend, Letter U, asked him why he was always so happy. “I’m happy because there are so many things to be happy about!” said Letter D. “I bet I can get him to stop smiling,” thought Letter U.

Then Letter U came up with a plan. “Let’s go see a play,” said Letter U. “Sounds great!” said the Letter D. Letter U brought Letter D to the saddest play he could think of. “This will make him sad,” thought Letter U. They both cried at the end, but Letter D was still smiling afterwards.

“What should we do next?” he asked.

“Let’s get some ice cream,” said Letter U.

Letter D and Letter U enjoying some ice cream

Letter D and Letter U enjoying some ice cream.

He was well aware that eating ice cream very quickly always resulted in a headache. Soon, letter D's head began to hurt as they both gulped down their ice creams. Letter D was, however, still smiling thereafter.

"Let's play some woozoo ball," Letter U said. He had never lost a game of woozoo ball, but he was well aware that losing upsets everyone. They played a fantastic game, and the Letter U came out on top by a score of 10 woozoos. The letter D still had a smile on his face.

"I'm not sure why you're still smiling after all this," Letter U asked. "I got to see a play with my best friend," Letter D explained. "After that, we had ice cream. Not only that, but I also got to play a game with you. This was the most wonderful day of my life!" said Letter D happily. 

That's when Letter U realised that he had a fantastic day as well. He was able to see a show, have ice cream, and even play a game that he won!

Letter U and Letter D smiling happily

Letter U and Letter D smiling happily.

He began to smile happily. Letter U stopped caring why Letter D was happy after that day, because he was pleased, too! 

Moral of Letter D Story

So, kids, what does the story of the happy letter D teach us? It tells us that we must appreciate and value the little things in our life. We should always stay positive and keep smiling even during our difficult times. This will help us face any challenges easily and confidently. We should also learn to be nice and kind to others just like the letter D.

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FAQs on The Happy Letter D Stories

1. Why did letter D remain always happy?

Letter D remained happy all the time because he appreciated the little things in life and looked forward to everything in a positive manner. He was also called Happy Letter D by all due for the same reason.

2. Why did Letter U decide to play Woozoo ball?

Letter U decided to play Woozoo ball with Letter D because he knew that no one can beat him in this game. He was sure that losing this game will surely upset letter D because no one likes to be a loser. But Letter D, on the other hand, was not at all sad after losing the game. He was instead happy to see his friend, Letter U play this game so perfectly.