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The Bird and the Bee - A Short Story

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Introduction to the Fable Story

A fable is a type of narrative that offers wisdom. Fables are typically amusing stories with talking and acting like people featuring animal characters. The animals demonstrate how silly or intelligent people may be because they possess human-like characteristics. India and Greece produced some of the earliest stories thousands of years ago. Children explore the world of fantasy and enjoyment through these stories. The story of The Bird and The Bee is one such story which is discussed here and this is brief, to the point, and includes valuable lessons.

Reading Story

Reading Story

The Story: The Bird and the Bee

Once upon a time, a fairy used to live in the woods. A tiny white couch and a tiny white bed with yellow coverings could be found in the living room and bedroom of her treehouse, respectively. She had a lovely pink bathroom with a mirror that was framed in gold. Just behind the tree, she also had a little garden with potted flowers. The fairy was incredibly pleased with her flower-filled garden.

She shared the space with a roommate due to the high cost of renting a tree in the middle of the forest. The lovely bluebird who shared her apartment made sure that he used the fairy's pretty pink toilet and not other people's heads like the birds of the city do.

The fairy baked pancakes for breakfast one Sunday morning. She instructed the bird to bring her some syrup so that she could pour over it. The bird searched every corner of the kitchen in vain. The bird answered, "Perhaps I can go out and bring some honey.” The bluebird was a good bird, but not intelligent. He was unaware that he had to purchase honey. Bees need to be compensated for their labour, after all. He then flew to a beehive nearby, started exploring, and helped himself to some honey.

The Bird and the Bee

The Bird and the Bee

A few bees observed what he was doing. They were furious! They attempted to sting the bird as they flew after him aggressively. The bird's ability to fly quickly served him well because he was fighting for his life. He entered his house and quickly closed the door.

“What's wrong?”, the fairy enquired. “Did you purchase any honey?”

“I had to purchase it? I tried to get the honey from the bee hives” said the bird.

“Oh no!” the fairy exclaimed. “The bees must be really angry, I think.”

A swarm of bees was trying to enter the windows and door when she peered out of her window and saw them. They heard her yell. “Hey, you good bees! Don't be furious, please. The local bluebird was not aware of any better!” The bees said, "He's a thief! You are his friend, too. You must also be a thief too!”

“Oh! We're not thieves,” the fairy declared. “Look, I understand your ire, but if you give us some space, I'll offer you a gift”, the fairy said. The bees gave it some thought. “What will you provide us?” The fairy surveyed her home. “I could give you my wonderful mirror with a golden frame.” Bees agreed since they adore anything that is golden in colour. They said, "Now we won't sting you, fairy. We are only going to sting the bird!” They then made another attempt to cram themselves into the blocked windows. Bluebird was frightened to death!

The fairy said, "Wait! In exchange for leaving the bird alone, I will offer you some flowers from my garden.” They were delighted because bees use the nectar from flowers to make honey. The flowers were brought back and placed beneath their hive. The queen bee received the mirror after they took it. The absence of the bees brought the bird some relief. What a fool he had been!

The poor fairy's garden was suddenly devoid of flowers. She felt quite dejected. She hurried to the restroom to wipe away her tears but being unable to look into her lovely gold mirror only made her feel worse. And to top it all off, she and the bluebird had to enjoy breakfast with dry pancakes!

The moral of the story is always to pick your friends and housemates carefully. They might not be head-pooping birds, but they might be unintentionally thieves.


A bluebird lived with a fairy. One day, Fairy sent the bird to get some honey. Instead of buying the honey, the bird went to a bee hive to get honey. When the bees saw him, they chased him. The bird flew back to his house. Bees threatened to sting the fairy also along with the bird for the theft of honey. To protect themselves, the fairy bargained for valuables from her home. 

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FAQs on The Bird and the Bee - A Short Story

1. Why was the fairy living with the bluebird?

The trees in the centre of the forest were very expensive to rent. Just like the houses are very expensive in the middle of any city. The fairy was sharing her house with a bluebird to reduce her expenses. Bluebird and fairy contributed and hence they both could afford to live in the centre of the forest. They wanted to be in the centre of the forest since all resources and shops are located nearby.

2. Why did the bees accuse the fairy of being a thief?

The bird flew into the house where he lived with the fairy after taking the honey from the bee hive. The bees thought since the bird is living with the fairy, so maybe the fairy is also a thief. The fairy tried to protect the bird. This further strengthened the belief of the bees that the fairy was working with the bird and hence was also a thief.