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The Old Letter 'O' - Bedtime Story for Kids

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Introduction to the Letter O

The letter O is a letter of Engish alphabet. The letter O is a vowel. Different words are formed with this letter. Lets read about it in more detail in this article.

Children will love to listen and sing Letter O Rythmic Narration. This letter O Narration /Song is part of a series of the Guruparents phonics Narrations.

The Narration introduces the letter sound with 12 words beginning with the letter o sound, including some sight words.

The Old Letter O Narration

Children's Narrations are an excellent method for them to begin learning to read, and this one has a fun rap tune, lots of colourful pictures, and a simple rhyming pattern. For someone learning English, it's also a good Narration to introduce the letter o.

Let us look at the old letter O Narration here.

The Land of Words was home to the Letter O.

Of all the letters, his was the oldest.

He oversaw the museum's operations.

It was his job to help find rare and antiques.

He was continually seeking to obtain the Golden Dinosaur Skull, the rarest, oldest, and most valuable item ever known.

The Letters E, C, and O

The Letters E, C, and O

He was aware of its location, but he was unable to access it.

Dangerous traps blocked the path.

He'd tried many times throughout the years, but he'd never been successful.

One day, the Old Letter O decided it was time to try one final time to find the Golden Dinosaur Skull.

He packed his things into a bag and started out on his way.

seo images

The Skull, hidden inside the caves

The skull was hidden inside the Cave of Words, but it was extremely difficult to find.

When he entered the cave, it was dark.

He noticed a buzzing noise all of a sudden.

A swarm of glowbugs was heading his way!

The glowbugs swivelled around and fluttered away.

The Letter O had learnt years ago that plumberries keep the glow bugs at away.

During a search for the Lost Tablet of Glowbuggia, he discovered this.

Old Letter O kept walking until he came to a massive, ancient door.

A keyhole was present, but there was no key nearby.

The key was then discovered on the other side of a lava pool.

The Letter O, on the other hand, would not have turned around and gone home.

He pulled out a large magnet, and the key flew into his hands!

He identified the key as being composed of a magnetic metal since he had seen it before.

On a trip to find the Metal Mines' Hidden Spoon, he had seen it.

Finally, he arrived at the Golden Dinosaur Skull.

He could see it, but a vast pit was in his way.

The ceiling was covered in vines, which he noticed.

They came in a variety of shapes and sizes.

He chose one vine and hung across the pit with it.

Because he had hung across many vines on a trip through the Jungle of Stories, he knew it would be the strongest.

He'd made it to the Golden Dinosaur Skull!

He'd accomplished it by putting everything he'd learned over the years to good use.

The skull was returned to him and displayed in the museum.

All of the young letters came to see it, dreaming of finding their own treasures.

It's never too late in the Land of Words.

The old letter, O

The old letter, O


The letter 'O' is the fourth most regularly used in English.

In addition to the basic 'o' sound in 'hot,' the long 'o' in 'bone,' the double 'o' sound in 'food,' the double 'o' sound in 'good,' and the 'oi' sound in 'coin' are all typical sounds that 'o' creates.

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FAQs on The Old Letter 'O' - Bedtime Story for Kids

1. When should children learn the alphabet?

Children should typically be able to remember the alphabet by the age of three. Every child, though, is unique. Some toddlers learn in their twos, while others may not learn until they are in their late threes.

Repetition is the most common way for children to learn how to repeat the alphabet. If you sing the ABC Narration to your children frequently, they will learn it faster, just like any other Narration.

2. Give some fun activities with O?

A few of the fun activities that can help children include:

  • Make collages with ovals of various colours and sizes.

  • Listen to opera or orchestral recordings.

  • With your fingers, arms, and mouth, make an O.

  • Add octopus and oyster shapes to an ocean mural.

  • Assume the role of an owl.

  • In a toy oven, bake pretend foods.