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The Bus Story – A Story about Finding Happiness in All Things

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Isn’t it funny how we are often sad and grumpy about things that we can easily change? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a simple trick could help us get rid of all the negative and angry emotions inside us? The Bus Story will surely give you a glimpse of what life could be like if you could let go of anger and accept politeness and good behaviour. Let us slip into the jungle bus and take a ride with Damru the donkey to see what happens when we use the magic of politeness and kindness. 

The Story of Damru’s Jungle Bus 

There was once a forest called Champakvan, where the animals had become really grumpy due to tiredness. They did not like each other much and were often seen fighting with each other over small things. So, Damru the donkey decided to start a bus service. This bus would allow the animals to travel at a cheaper rate from one place to another, saving their time and energy. Damru appointed Cheeku the rabbit to drive the bus and he himself would be the conductor, welcoming all the animals upon boarding the bus and guiding them to their seats. 

Jungle bus

Jungle Bus

The idea was great and it was really helping the animals, but the grumpiness had them under its control. They were still annoyed at little things and would not help anybody even if they easily could.

But this did not stop Damru from behaving politely with everyone. He continued treating all the animals like his dear friends and was always there to help anybody who was in need. 

Damru would ask Baddy the fox politely, yet sternly, to keep his bag off the seat so that Squiggy could have some place to sit. He would calmly arrange for standing places inside the bus, even though the animals would jostle and fight everyday to get their spaces. They would angrily swing in the bus holding the handles above. Damru would warn Cheeku about rash driving, pointing out that speed is thrilling, but it kills too. 

This kind behaviour of Damru appeared pretentious to the other animals. They believed that since Damru was new to the bus business, he was behaving politely with others. Soon, they thought, he would show his true colours and start misbehaving and acting out angrily. 

However, the animals were surprised when an unbelievable incident occurred. One day, Jumpy the monkey got up in the bus and he had forgotten to bring money. He was sure that Damru would throw him out of the bus. But Damru showed kindness by allowing him to travel without fare this time. He asked Jumpy to remember to bring his fare next time onwards.     

Jumpy was extremely relieved as he could not believe his fate. This changed his perception and when Kangy the kangaroo stepped into the bus the next day, he quickly offered his seat since she was travelling with her baby in her pouch. This opened the eyes of the other animals in the bus. They started feeling the same way as Jumpy had felt the previous day. 

This transformation was starting to spread all around. Blacky the bear started squishing a bit in to allow others to sit properly. Meeku the mouse also helped Roby the rhino to get up on the bus once. 


Seeing all this, Damru smiled with satisfaction. He now knew that Champakvan would again become happy and kind. The animals started losing their grumpy selves and started providing a helping hand to each other, thereby becoming friendlier and harmonious.

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FAQs on The Bus Story – A Story about Finding Happiness in All Things

1. What moral does the Bus Story deliver?

The story teaches us about the ease of showing politeness and kindness. It is not at all difficult to be considerate of others, and if we are kind to someone, it is only a matter of time before kindness returns to us. Helping others is rewarding in itself and can give us immense happiness and joy.

2. Who was responsible for getting rid of the grumpiness in all the animals of Champakvan and how?

Damru was the one to start the bus service in order to relieve all the animals of the tiredness, which was the root of grumpiness in them. He made sure that peace and harmony prevailed once again in Champakvan and all animals would start helping each other out.