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The Day I Got Lost - Short Story

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Introduction to Stories

We were in Australia with my sibling, my ex, and my cousin. We were heading toward the east on the path to Cains, a city in Queensland. We needed to go through Cains since it was the briefest course to return home to Melbourne.

We were utilising a satnav, yet in Australia, there are more urban communities with a similar name. Thus, we changed some unacceptable objectives with the right objective. Be that as it may, there was a major issue. If we had any desire to turn around we needed to go 300 kilometres, on the grounds that the street didn't have different options, or different roads.

All in all, we needed to turn around in an unlawful spot, however, there was no one.

Lost Myself

Lost Myself

Antonio's 'The Day I Got Lost' Story

One year ago I became mixed up in Aspromonte during an excursion with my companions when we were going toward the Calabrian Mountains. I have consistently cherished voyaging, thus, with a couple of companions, I chose to move and find another spot in the wild Aspromonte.

Sadly, not a single one of us was great with innovation, and when we needed to attempt to track down the briefest road to show up from Reggio to Bivongi we became mixed up in the centre of the backwoods likely in light of the fact that as opposed to going to Bivongi we went the incorrect way for one more town close to there. In spite of the fact that we got lost, we had a sat telephone and we had the likelihood to track down the road to show up to our objective.

Fausto's 'The Day I Got Lost' Story

This happened a couple of years back. I was residing in Luanda in Angola, and my family and I had leased a house in another city called Lubango for the late spring occasion.

We got lost since we were talking and making jokes constantly, and we were not adhering to the signs or the directions, so unexpectedly we wound up in a convoluted circumstance; we were in no place. That was truly peculiar and intriguing simultaneously. In spite of the fact that we were lost, we were blissful on the grounds that we were all together and nothing is better compared to being with your own loved ones.

The Day I Got Lost

The Day I Got Lost

We needed to make our excursion interesting so we chose to stop there and have a great time. My mom was extremely satisfied and was grinning delightedly with areas of strength for strong energy. That was exceptionally personal, rather than doing what we had arranged we did a variety of things like talking all through the world and confronting the magnificence of nature.

Moral of the Story

The moral of this story is “True friendship always pays off and it is constant in all ups and downs of life”.


The Story of "The Day I Got Lost" is about a city professor named Shlemiel who gets lost in New York City. He then has to recollect where he lives and treks throughout the city searching for a home. The story is published in different -different versions and the same is shared in this article too. Three versions of “the day I got lost'' are shared here. The theme or moral of this tale is that friends are constantly there for you even in the worst of conditions.

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FAQs on The Day I Got Lost - Short Story

1. What will be the most effective method to guarantee not to get lost in the viewof story?

It is extremely normal that kids lose all sense of direction in fairs and groups. Barely a day passes when no kid gets lost. According to the stoies of this article, the guardians should be cautious and more cautious at swarmed places. Prior to entering a packed spot, the guardians ought to fix where the kid ought to stand by in the event of getting lost. 

2. Do you have any your story of 'The Day I Got Lost'. Share your experience.

Last year when I was on a vacation, I went to the desert for the first part of the day with my younger sibling to help our older sibling.

I got lost since when we were there the downpour came a great deal and we were unable to move to somewhere else and after that, we called the fair man to help us.

In the end, we dozed in the desert until the sun came up. The police didn't come, we went through the water and we returned.

3. How does this story help kids to learn some lifelong messages?

This story ought to cause the youngster to remember their place of residence and phone numbers. They ought to put or nail up a note in the pocket of the kid with all relevant info. They ought to take care of the needs of the kid and never abandon him, in the event that he ends up remaining at some shop.