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Laziness Short Story In English For Kids

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Short stories on laziness encourage readers to be active and lead a good routine in their daily lives. 

  • The story focuses on the importance of hard-work.

  • This story will also help them learn the effects of being lazy and other basic morals in life.

Introduction To the Laziness Moral Story

Laziness short story is a popular fable composed for children; this story is often told in classrooms or during bedtime by teachers or the parents themselves. This story is best for nurturing the early behavior, morals, and thinking of growing children. The story revolves around a lazy lad who is always resting in his bed and does not like to work hard. While Polly the parrot is very wise and tries to change such behavior. This story is short and engaging yet very meaningful. It acknowledges children with the idea of the importance of hard work and the ill -effects of laziness in an interesting manner. Given below is the laziness story summary, which will provide an overview of the story as a pre-reading concept.

The Laziness Story Summary for Kids in English

There once lived a young man in a large house along with a wise parrot Polly. The man was extremely lazy. He used to wake up very late, have his meal and go back to bed again. While others used to work hard and keep themselves busy with their daily routines. One day Polly, out of irritation, asked his master about his lazy behavior. Polly also told the man how everyone except him works hard and follows their routine. To Polly's question, the man replied that there are two friends, each sitting on his shoulder and whispering all day. One of them is hard work and the other is laziness. Hard work tells him to get up and work as time flies quickly, while laziness tells him to sleep and do nothing all day. Therefore all his time passes by listening to them and he lies on the bed for the whole day.

The Laziness Short Story

Once upon a time in a small village, there lived a young man in a big house. The man also has a pet parrot named Polly. Polly was a very intelligent and wise parrot. The man was very lazy, he used to wake up hours later from the sunrise, and after having his meal he used to lie on his bed again. They used to be his daily routine. While Polly the parrot used to sit in the window every day and watch other people performing their daily routine and earning their bread. This used to worry the parrot about his young master's future. Watching his master grow lazier each passing day made Polly baffled. On one fine day, Polly out of agitation asked the young man, "What is the matter with you? Why are you always lying on your bed? The sun is already above their head, and most of the people have finished half of their work. Don't you see how hard everyone is working to earn a living? How can you still rest all day without getting tired? Why are you such a lazy master?" Polly was angry and ruffled his wings. To this question the man replied while yawning in his bed “Each day when I wake up I find two friends hard work and Laziness sitting on my shoulders. Both of them argue and whisper all day long. Hard work whispers in my ear to get up early, perform my daily work, and earn my living just like the others. On the other hand, Laziness tells me not to wake up early, or do any kind of work. It says that there are plenty of other people who work hard, thus, there is no need for me to work''. The young man then said “Both of them just don't stop and keep arguing all day. While I listen to them with patience and all of my time passes by like this. Thus, that's the reason behind lying on the bed all day."

Graphical representation of laziness moral story

Graphical Representation of Laziness Moral Story

Moral of the Laziness Story

Just like every other story for kids, this Laziness short story also bears a very meaningful moral behind the story. The story and its morals are very simple and easy to figure out. Therefore, the moral of the story is that one must not listen to what others say, and continue to work hard till the very end. One must learn the importance of hard work and presence and not let the evil of laziness creep inside one. These are some basic and necessary moral concepts that children must be made aware of from an early age.

Note To Parents

Telling your kids such fables during bedtime is a very good habit that can help in enhancing their moral behavior, shape their thinking, and enhance the parent-to-child bond. It is very difficult to explain the concept of morals directly to young children therefore, telling short, simple, and interesting stories to your child can help in the process. Telling stories is also the most popular method of learning at primary and pre-primary schools by teachers.

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FAQs on Laziness Short Story In English For Kids

1. Why was Polly worried about the young man?

Polly is a very wise and intelligent parrot and cares about his master. Every day as Polly watches other people working hard and earning money, he feels worried about the young man's future.

2. Why is the young man confused?

The young man is confused as he cannot decide between whether to listen to hard work or laziness. Therefore, he is confused and cannot make any decision.

3. Why is hard work important in life?

One must work hard in life to reach his aim and become successful. While those who chose to stay lazy and do nothing get nothing in the end.


Short stories on laziness encourage readers to be active and lead a good routine in their daily lives. 

  • The story focuses on the importance of hard-work.

  • This story will also help them learn the effects of being lazy and other basic morals in life.