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The Story of an Onion

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Introduction to The Story

This is one of the interesting stories that kids will enjoy while reading this. There are the characters of Onion, Chilli, and Tomato, who meet at a certain point in time and share their experiences by becoming friends. Stories that have some properties such as Vegetables, fruits, and so on will obviously be liked by the children and they will listen to the stories with much interest.

Let us look at one such story of Onion, which explains about the value and greatness of friendship.

The Story of an Onion

There was a chilly who had nothing to say to his friends and family. One day, the chilly is sitting in front of the window, looking at the tree. The chilly observed an onion and tomato who were best friends at the moment. Under that tree, onion and tomato were having a good time. Chilly walked to the tree and requested if they may add me to their group of friends. “We won't join you as friends,” onion and tomato remarked. Get away from here.

The friends, Onion, Chilly, and Tomato.

The friends, Onion, Chilly, and Tomato

Chilly returned home with a sad expression on her face, and an ice cream cone had crossed the tree. When the ice cream saw the cold, it inquired as to why you were sad. The chilly’s responses indicate that onion and tomato do not want me as a friend. After that, ice cream accepts chilly as a friend. Chilly accepted, but it also wants to befriend onion and tomato. The next day, Chilly returned to see how the onion and tomato were doing, but they had died. Chilly continued to cry. At that time, God appeared and said that anytime humans cry, it is because of the death of friends.

Moral of The Story

True friendship never dies.

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FAQs on The Story of an Onion

1. How did Chilly come back home?

Chilly returned home with a very sad face.

2. Who died in the story?

Onion and Tomato died.