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The Tale of Benjamin Bunny

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The Benjamin Bunny Story - Famous Bedtime Story for Kids

Have you seen cute little rabbits hopping around, chewing carrots? Aren’t they adorable? But some bunnies can be naughty too! Here is an interesting classic “The Tale of Benjamin Bunny.” It is about the adventures of a naughty bunny. Let’s read and find out what Benjamin and other bunnies in this bunny story are up to!

Little Benjamin and Peter

One sunny morning, a little bunny named Benjamin was sitting on a bank when he heard the trotting of a pony. He saw a carriage approaching, and inside were Mr. McGregor and Mrs. McGregor. The Benjamin Bunny ran down the road to call upon his relatives who lived under the root of a big fir tree, in the woods near Mr. McGregor’s garden when he saw the McGregors leaving. 

Near the woods, lived Benjamin's aunt, Mrs. Rabbit, who was a widow, and his cousins—Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail, and Peter. Mrs. Rabbit was poor and earned her living by knitting rabbit-wool mittens and selling herbs. 

Mrs. Rabbit and her children

Mrs. Rabbit and her children

Benjamin decided to go around the fir tree as he did not want to see his aunt, and he almost stumbled upon his cousin Peter who was sitting alone. Peter looked sad and was wrapped in a red pocket-handkerchief. Benjamin was horrified to see Peter in that condition and exclaimed, “Peter! Where are your clothes?” Peter replied, “The scarecrow in Mr. McGregor’s garden,” and explained how he had dropped his shoes and coat when he was chased out of the garden.

Benjamin Bunny assured his cousin that the McGregors have gone out and will certainly be gone for the day, as he saw them leave in a carriage dressed in the best bonnet. Peter then hoped it would rain. At the same time, they heard Mrs. Rabbit call for Cotton-Tail saying, “Fetch some more Camomile!” Peter then decided to go out for a walk and Benjamin accompanied his cousin. 

Benjamin and Peter’s Adventures

They got up on a wall to get a clear view of Mr. McGregor's garden. They looked down and saw Peter's coat and shoes were still hung on the scarecrow, and now it was topped with Mr. McGregor's old hat.

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Benjamin and Peter looking at the scarecrow

Little Benjamin said: "Our clothes will spoil if we squeeze under the gate; so we should climb down the pear tree to get into the garden.” They both got in and left their footprints all over the garden as the soil was newly raked and quite soft.

They decided to get Peter’s clothes back and pulled the scarecrow with the help of the  red handkerchief Peter was wearing. Since it had been raining the previous night, the coat was somewhat shrunk. Meanwhile, Benjamin tried on Mr. McGregor’s hat but it was too big for him.

Benjamin then suggested that they should fill the pocket-handkerchief with onions to give his aunt as a present, however, Peter was feeling uneasy as he heard strange noises. Peter wanted to go home. Benjamin led the way, and taking a different route he said, “We cannot climb down a pear tree with onions.” So, they walked along the planks, under a bright red brick wall.

The Cat

On the way, Peter dropped some onions twice. He collected them and continued walking, but now he could hear the noises more loudly. Peter suddenly stopped and saw a big cat. Benjamin also saw the cat and hid them both, along with the onions, under a large basket. The cat got up and sniffed the basket. Maybe she liked the smell of onions; she sat upon the basket for five hours! 

The cat sitting on the basket

The cat sitting on the basket

Benjamin’s Father Arrives

Peter and Benjamin were frightened underneath the basket as it was dark, and the foul smell of onions made them cry. It was quite late in the afternoon when the cat was still sitting on the basket. Suddenly she felt some mortar fall on her from the wall. The cat looked up and saw Old Mr. Benjamin walking on top of the wall. He was Little Benjamin’s father, who had come looking for his son.

Old Mr. Benjamin was not scared of cats, so he jumped down the wall and landed on the cat. He kicked the cat, scratching a handful of her fur. The shocked cat ran towards the greenhouse and Mr. Benjamin immediately locked the door from outside. Then he returned to the basket and rescued his son and nephew. He pulled them out of the basket by the ears, whipped his son, took out the handkerchief of onions, and got them out of the garden. 

Old Mr. Benjamin holding Little Benjamin by the ears

Old Mr. Benjamin holding Little Benjamin by the ears

The Happy Ending

When Mr. McGregor returned, he was shocked and confused to see tiny footprints all over his garden. He couldn’t make sense of how the cat locked herself up! 

Back at home, Peter’s mother forgave him because he had found his coat and shoes, while Old Mr. Benjamin strung up the onions and hung them in the kitchen with some herbs.

Benjamin and Peter back at home

Benjamin and Peter back at home.


Did you enjoy the adventure of Benjamin and Peter in this bunny story? If you are looking for more such interesting stories, check out our website for an amazing collection and make bedtime even more fun for your child!

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FAQs on The Tale of Benjamin Bunny

1. Who wrote “The Tale of Benjamin Bunny”?

This is a famous bunny story written and illustrated by Beatrix Potter, who is one of the world's best-loved children's authors of all time. It is a sequel to “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” written by the same author.

2. Why was Peter sad?

Little Peter was sad because he had been chased away from McGregor's garden and he didn’t have his clothes. So, when he returned to the garden to retrieve his clothes, he was more frightened because of his previous traumatic experience.