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The King and His Three Daughters Story

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An Introduction to Daughters Story

Once upon a time there lived a King with his three beautiful and intelligent daughters. The King loved his daughters very much and his daughters also loved him a lot.  

He wanted to test how much his daughters love him. Read the story to know how the King has gotten to know which daughter loves him the most and how much.

Three Beautiful daughters of the King

Three Beautiful daughters of the King

Read the King and his three daughters story which is given below.

The Full Story of the King and His Three Beautiful Daughters

The King called his three daughters to test their love for him. He asked, “Tell me, Dear daughters! how much three of you love your father?”

The King with his three daughters

The King with his three daughters

The eldest daughter replied, “Father, I love you more than all the diamonds and the rubies of this world.” The King became very proud and happy listening to this.

The second daughter replied,” Dear Father, I love you as much as all the precious gold and silver in the world and more.”

Now it was the youngest daughter’s turn. She said, “ Dear Father, I love you as much as all the salt in the world and more.”

The King became very angry with the reply of the youngest daughter. He said to the youngest princess your sisters love me as much as diamonds and golds but you love me as little as salt.

He ordered the princess to leave the kingdom and never come back to the palace. The youngest princess hid in the woods. She started crying after being tired. 

A prince was passing nearby who heard her. He fell in love with the princess at first sight. He took her to his castle and asked her to marry him.

The young princess told him that she will marry him only if her father, the King, comes to their wedding. She further said that his father was angry with her and ordered her not to come back to the kingdom.

The Prince sent an invitation to the King and did not reveal that he was marrying his daughter.

On the wedding day the King arrived, he sat at the banqueting table. He was served different delicious appearing meals. When the king tasted it, he shouted that the dishes had no salt in them.

A person brought salt and said, “ My King, Here is the salt.” The salt bearer was wearing a veil and it was lifted, it was his daughter.

The King understood his mistake at once. He begged his daughter to forgive him. The Princess cried out of joy. “ Oh father, you are very dear to my heart and I forgive you.”

The Princess and prince as well as the King lived happily ever after.


The story of the King and his three daughters is interesting as well as teaches us the lesson that we should not make decisions very quickly. 

Kids will get good values reading such stories with great moral values.

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FAQs on The King and His Three Daughters Story

1. What is the moral of the story of the King and his three daughters?

The moral of the story of the King and his three daughters is that we should not take action without thinking. In this story, the king ordered his daughter to leave the palace and never return to the kingdom without interpreting her reply. She compared her love with salt to tell him the importance of her father in her life, like food, is incomplete without salt, just like her life was incomplete without her father.

2. How did the King realize his mistake?

The prince taught the King a lesson by serving him food that has no salt in it. When he shouted that food had no salt her daughter came there with salt which made him realise his mistake. He finally understood why her daughter compared her love with salt. So he requested her daughter to forgive her father.