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The Story of Heidi

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Do you love stories about nature, mountains, and beautiful places? The story of Heidi is a tale about nature, love, care, and restoration. The story will make you understand the importance of natural ways of life and healthy habits. Here, you will learn about the ways in which nature can make impossible things happen, like magic! Let’s dive into Heidi’s world and see what she learns from nature and the mountains. 

Heidi’s Story - A Tale about Nature and Its Magical Abilities

Long, long ago, there lived a girl named Heidi. She had lost her parents at an early age and was taken care of by her aunt. One day, the aunt took Heidi to visit her grandfather, who lived in a little hut in the Alps mountains. Her grandfather’s name was Alm, and he was a grumpy old man. Heidi had seen her grandfather for the first time. Heidi’s aunt told him that she had found a new job in the city and left Heidi with him.

Grandfather Alm was glad to have his granddaughter with him since he felt lonely in the isolated mountains. Soon, Heidi grew really comfortable in her grandfather’s company and they began to share a bond. Heidi was really happy being in the mountains. There she met Peter, who was a shepherd. Peter taught Heidi a lot about being a good shepherd and they started going to graze the goats together. Heidi also loved Grandfather Alm’s big dog named Joseph. 

Heidi swinging in the mountains

Heidi swinging in the mountains

The mountains had developed good habits in Heidi, who would diligently help her grandfather in house work. She loved baking bread in the wooden oven and she would also bring some bread to Peter’s grandmother, who would give her fresh goat milk in return.

Heidi and Peter exploring the mountains

Heidi and Peter exploring the mountains

Soon, it was clear that while Peter was away at school, Heidi was bored and lonely. Her aunt decided to take her to the city to give her homeschooling and make her learn the ways of the city. Grandfather Alm was sceptical at first, but he realised that it would be best for little Heidi. Heidi was also not willing to leave her grandfather and go to the city, but her aunt convinced her by saying that she would soon bring her back to the mountains.

Heidi and her aunt travelled by train and soon reached a big mansion, where Heidi met Clara, a young girl in the house. Clara couldn’t walk since she had an accident when she was a little child. Heidi’s aunt had actually brought her here to keep Clara some company. Heidi and Clara soon became best friends and Heidi. Heidi was new to city life and her silly mistakes made Clara laugh and giggle. But Clara’s grandmother was very strict and made Heidi wake up early to study and learn proper etiquettes. SHe would make Heidi wear city clothes and walk and talk like the people in the city. Heidi soon grew uncomfortable with this way of life and wanted to go back to her grandfather. However, Clara was very upset about Heidi leaving. But it was important for Heidi to go back to the mountains as she was really sad here. So Clara decided to visit Heidi in the mountains next year. And bid goodbye until then.

Heidi was extremely happy to be back in the mountains. The first thing she did was go to Peter’s place to give his grandmother the bread that Clara’s grandmother had given for them. Next, she ran to Grandfather Alm and hugged him tightly; they were both happy to see each other. What made her even happier was a letter from Clara saying that she would be visiting them soon.

When Clara came to the mountains, her health grew better with all the fresh foods and healthy habits of going to different places with her friends, Heidi and Peter. Clara liked Peter a lot, but Peter was scared that Clara and Heidi would become such close friends that Heidi would go back to the city. He did not like this idea and started disliking Clara for this. He also didn’t like pushing Clara around in her wheelchair all day.

Heidi, Clara, Joseph and Peter playing

Heidi, Clara, Joseph and Peter playing

So one day, Peter decided to end this problem by pushing Clara’s wheelchair off a cliff. But things went differently in the mountains. Clara started to grow stronger and more independent without her wheelchair, and the fresh ,mountain air helped her gain this strength. She had even begun to walk with Heidi’s help. Within a few weeks, Clara was able to take steps without anybody’s help. “I can walk!” exclaimed Clara. “I owe all this to you, Heidi!” she said.

One fine day, upon paying a visit, Clara’s father and grandmother couldn’t believe it when they saw that little Clara was walking! They were immensely grateful to Grandfather Alm and Heidi for making this possible. Peter realised his mistake as well and apologised for his wrong deed. He confessed that he had pushed Clara’s wheelchair off the cliff. 


Because of his honesty, all decided to forgive Peter and they laughed and made merry to celebrate Clara’s good health, because that was all they were happy about. The mountain life proved to be highly helpful for Clara, and she developed healthier habits with some help from Heidi and Grandfather Alm. Peter had also helped Clara learn new things in the beginning. Clara and her family made a promise to visit the mountains the next summer and they were all happy and excited.

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FAQs on The Story of Heidi

1. What is the moral of the story of Heidi?

The story of Heidi tells us about the power and might of nature. Heidi grew great habits and gained happiness from living in the mountains, where everything was pure and clean. Clara gained back her ability to walk amidst nature’s lap and among people who cared for her. Peter made a mistake, but the place where he lived made him an honest boy who was not afraid to confess his deed. It can be concluded thus that nature is the healer of all things and it is capable of restoring health to its fullest.

2. Why did everyone forgive Peter for what he did to Clara?

t is true that Peter had made a mistake, but everyone realised that he had done so out of the fear of losing his dear friend, Heidi. Moreover, he came out honest and let everyone know about his mistake. Thus, it was only just for the others to be understanding and sympathetic towards him, and they forgave him.