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The Enormous Turnip Story - Traditional Tales for Kids

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Have you ever seen a huge turnip, even bigger than you? It would be shocking right! But we have a hilarious turnip story for you, which is one of the traditional tales among its many versions known across the world.

Read this story for kids to find out what happens when a farmer grows a turnip so huge that it becomes impossible to pull it from the ground. Will he be able to pull the turnip out eventually? Let’s read together to know.

The Gigantic Turnip Story

Once upon a time, there lived an old farmer in a village with his wife. One day, he told his wife, “I am planting turnip seeds. We will have lots of turnips and then we will make delicious turnip soup!” He sowed the seeds in his garden and watered them daily. Soon, there were lots of turnips in the garden but the farmer saw that one turnip grew and grew until it became enormous in size. 

The Farmer saw the Giant Turnip

The Farmer saw the Giant Turnip

He was shocked to see such a giant turnip. Then he bent and took hold of the enormous turnip’s shoots, and began to pull, but in vain. So, called out to his wife for help. “Dear wife! Please come out and help me pull the giant turnip out of the soil! He shouted. 

Now the farmer and his wife, both were pulling the turnip out. They pulled and pulled but the enormous turnip was stuck fast into the soil. They got tired after a while, so they called their grandson from inside the house for help. 

The grandson held onto the old woman, and the old woman held onto the farmer, while he tried pulling the turnip. Again, it didn’t come out! 

All Trying to Pull the Enormous Turnip

All Trying to Pull the Enormous Turnip

Now, the grandson called for their dog to help, who took hold of the grandson, who held onto the woman, who was already holding the farmer, who held onto the shoots. One, two, three… and they pulled and pulled, but the turnip would not budge!

So, the dog called over the cat, who stood holding the dog, who held onto the grandson, who was ready to pull the woman, who held onto the farmer, who held onto the shoots of the turnip. This time again they pulled with all their might but the turnip stood straight into the ground! 

This time the cat called a mouse to help. He held onto the cat, who was holding onto the dog, who was behind the grandson, who held onto the woman, who was pulling onto the farmer, who held onto the shoots and they pulled and pulled and pulled! 

Suddenly, the huge turnip finally got uprooted and they fell to the ground making a loud thud! Then they all helped each other get up and saw a giant turnip! They were shocked to see such an enormous turnip as they had never seen anything like this in their life.

The farmer picked up the huge turnip with much effort and carried it into the kitchen. The woman then chopped it into small pieces. She added some herbs and some spices, and prepared a delicious turnip soup for all of them. They all enjoyed the turnip soup supper!

Everyone Enjoying the Turnip Soup

Everyone Enjoying the Turnip Soup

It was an interesting and hilarious story, right? If you want to read more such interesting stories and fairy tales, explore our website and enjoy!

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FAQs on The Enormous Turnip Story - Traditional Tales for Kids

1. How many characters are there in the turnip story?

There are six characters in the story. They are: the farmer, old woman, their grandson, the dog, cat, and mouse.

2. What is the moral of the turnip story?

This turnip story educates children about the importance of teamwork and unity, as all the characters in the story were together responsible for finally pulling out the turnip.