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Most Famous Bedtime Story - The Clever Thief Story

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What is the Story All About?

Are you also one of them who is crazy for bedtime stories? What type of stories do you like? Do you sleep in the middle of the story or do you sleep after finishing the story? Well, we are asking you so many questions because we are going to tell you a story today. Yes, you read it right. It’s a story - The story of the Clever Thief. In fact, the best part is that there are actually 2 stories and both of them are of clever thieves. One story is about a thief who stole the king’s pyjamas and the other story is about a thief who stole money from a stranger. Let’s have a look at the stories.

The First Story: The Clever Thief

This story is about a thief whose name is John. John was very clever but he was very kind too. He used to rob the rich and greedy people but not for himself. He robbed the greedy, rich people and gave everything to the poor and needy people. He was so popular because of his kindness that the other thieves were jealous of him. The other thieves planned to get rid of John. They made a plan so that John is caught by the king’s soldiers.

One fine day, the thieves were sitting together and gossiping. They found an opportunity and challenged John to steal the king’s pyjamas. John was very clever. He immediately understood that the other thieves were planning to trap him. But, he accepted the challenge immediately but took a few day's time.

For the next few days, he made plans of entering the king’s palace. Finally, he devised a plan to rob the King’s pyjamas. He walked into the forest to gather something in a glass container. He mentally prepared himself to execute his strategy! One night, John dressed up as one of the King's servants and went to the King's Palace. The glass bottle was hidden in his dress. He entered the palace quietly. Because he was dressed like them, the other servants didn't recognise him. He spent some time looking for King's bedroom and eventually discovered it. From the window, he could see the King asleep in his bed. It was now time to put his plan into action! 

After reaching there, John took out the glass bottle and threw it on the king’s bed with the lid open. In a fraction of a second, thousands of red ants came out of the bottle and spread all over the king’s bed. The ants also entered the king’s clothes. The king was badly bitten and he started crying for help. On hearing the king’s cry and loud voice, all the servants ran into the king’s bedroom. John also came in along with the servants. By that time, the king had removed his clothes to get rid of the ants. All the servants immediately started removing the ants from the king’s bed and his body.  John found a chance and picked up the king’s clothes. He immediately eloped with the pyjamas. 

The next day, John called all the other thieves and showed them the king’s pyjamas. All the other thieves were astonished. They accepted that John is the most clever thief and accepted him as their leader. 

The Second Story: The Clever Thief

A thief observed an Old Man counting his money one day. The thief planned to steal his money by making an excuse. The Thief chose to deceive the Old Man and steal his money. The Thief yelled angrily at the Old Man, "Why are you stealing fruit from my orchard?" "You've got to be mistaken," the Old Man remarked. "Why should I steal from your orchard if I don't like fruits?"

"Oh, stop!" yelled the Thief. Then he paused for a moment and exclaimed, "Ah! Last year, you gossiped about me to your neighbour."

“No! That cannot be right. "I didn't live in this house last year," the Old Man replied. "Well, if it wasn't you, it had to have been your brother," exclaimed the Thief. "It couldn't have been, because my brother died two years ago," the Old Man replied.

"Never mind, I know it was definitely an Old Man like you, and I will no longer accept excuses," the Thief said. Then he snatched the Old Man's money and fled with it.

Moral of the Story: Bad people will find any excuse to do bad things.

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FAQs on Most Famous Bedtime Story - The Clever Thief Story

1. What did the students learn from the two stories?

From the first story, the students learn that a clever person can always come out of any difficult situation. They just need to stay calm and think. No problem can stop a clever person. From the second story, the students learn that bad people do bad wherever they go, whatever they do. So, we should always stay away from bad people.

2. Why are bedtime stories important for the students?

Bedtime stories are very important for the students. A few of the advantages are as follows:

  • Bedtime stories make a routine for the children to fall asleep.  

  • The bedtime stories turn out to be a quality time for parents and children.

  • The students learn new words when they listen to the stories. 

  • Listening to bedtime stories increases the imagination power of the children.

  • It makes a reading habit.