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Kitten's First Full Moon

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Portrait of The Story

In the short, sweet book Kitten's First Full Moon, a kitten sees her first full moon and believes she has found a large bowl of milk, but no matter what she does, she is unable to get to it. She makes unsuccessful attempts to lick it, jump to it, and run after it. It surely is a story for newborn. Will the tiny cat ever receive her milk?

Thus, in this article, you will get to know about cats, the moon, and the interesting story of the kitten's first full moon.

Kitten’s First Full Moon

Kitten’s First Full Moon

How was the Kitten’s First Full Moon Experience? 

For Kitten, it was the first full moon. She observed, "There's a little bowl of milk in the sky," upon seeing it. She desired it. She stretched her neck, closed her eyes, and then opened her mouth to lick. But all Kitten got was a bug across her tongue. Stupid Kitten! The small bowl of milk was still there, patiently waiting. She then collected herself, wiggled her bottom, and jumped off the porch's top. But Kitten simply fell and hurt her nose, ear, and tail in the process. Poor Kitten! The small bowl of milk was still there, patiently waiting. She followed it as a result, running after it along the sidewalk, through the garden, across the field, and to the pond.

However, Kitten didn't seem to get any closer. Little Kitten! The small bowl of milk was still there, patiently waiting. In order to reach the top, she ran to the tops of trees she could locate and climb again. The kitten was now afraid since she was unable to reach the milk bowl. Poor Kitten! What was she to do? After that, Kitten noticed a large bowl of milk in the pond. What an evening! She then sprinted off the tree, through the grass, and to the pond's edge. With all of her strength, she leaped—oh Poor Kitten! She was hungry, exhausted, unhappy, and soaked. She then returned home.

Meanwhile, a full and big bowl of milk was waiting for her on the porch. Blessed kitten!

The kitten Looking at the Moon

The kitten Looking at the Moon

Moral of the Story 

Kitten's First Full Moon is the beautiful tale of a cat and moon, in which a kitten stays strong in reaching her aim.

The moral of the story is to not give up and keep learning, working hard, and Get back up and try again if you fall. Whether it's your first time or a hundred times, you must always get back up. 

You must continue moving forward over any obstacles and problems you face. You need to put in some effort to stay up because things won't slow down for you. Every time you stand up, it shows more power and spirit in you. So the kids can take inspiration from the spirit and belief of the kitten who kept focusing on her goal and endlessly aimed for it all night long.

It also gives the kids the inspiration to work hard because hard work always leads to fruitful results afterward.

Kitten Trying to Touch the Moon

Kitten Trying to Touch the Moon


In the story, the kitten is experiencing the first moon. Through a mistake, she starts to think that the moon is a big bowl of milk. She tries sticking her tongue out at it, jumps at it, and puts in other efforts to reach this large "bowl of milk", but each time she fails to attain it. Later she sees the reflection of the moon in a lake, believing it is nearer; she jumps toward it and ends up soaking moist, unhappy, worn-out, and hungry. And when she comes back home she is surprised to see a large bowl of milk on the porch.

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FAQs on Kitten's First Full Moon

1. Why was the kitten not able to reach the bowl of milk?

The thing that she thought was the bowl of milk was not really a bowl of milk but it was simply the moon which was totally impossible to reach no matter how hard she tried. The Kitten did not know that the full moon was Far far away and could not be reached, it was the first time that the Kitten had seen a full moon in the sky and it looked just like a bowl of milk that she loves so much.

2. What do we understand from “Kitten’s First full moon”?

Never give up since you never realise what wonderful chance might be waiting for you just around the corner.

You are doing everything you can to place yourself for success and get where you want to be by simply believing in your goals and acting to achieve them.

It develops a growth mentality, which enables us to have confidence in our own abilities, be patient in the face of difficulties, and use creativity as a learning tool to continuously improve our abilities.

3. Why is the kitten referred to as “Poor Kitten” in the story and how does she get “Lucky” in the end?

The kitten is called a poor kitten because even after trying her best and working so hard to get to the moon which she thought was a bowl of milk, she could not get it and just did not realise that it was actually a moon as she had never seen it before. Her innocence and cluelessness make us feel bad for the kitten and that is why she is called a poor kitten.

After she starts returning to the porch she sees that there is a bowl of milk there which is the real bowl and real milk so she is considered lucky and blessed to have got what she was after all night, it was quite like she deserved it.