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Man on the Moon Story

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Introduction to Man on the Moon Story

When something catches one’s attention as interesting, it may be because they find it engaging or uncommon. The same goes for the stories we've included here for the children, which will keep them engaged while simultaneously enhancing and developing their reading capacities.

Man on the Moon Story

Man On The Moon Story

Here is the Man On The Moon Story for kids from one of the famous books “Mother Goose in Prose”. Twenty-two children's stories based on Mother Goose's nursery rhymes are included in this book.

American writer L. Frank Baum is the author of the book Mother Goose in Prose”, and is also best known for his children's stories, especially The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Along with numerous other works, he also wrote nine other fantasy books.

Man On The Moon Story

Man on the Moon

Man On The Moon 

The Man on the Moon was aware of all the people who lived on Earth. The Man on the Moon is an astronaut who used to fly around the Earth.  


The alderman responded that Norwich was a wonderful place, and it was celebrated for its pleasant porridge, and after saying that, he disappeared.  


Everything on the Moon went in the opposite direction. So when the Man wanted to stay warm, he broke off a few chunks of ice and placed them on the stove.

Landing On the Moon

Landing On the Moon 


He also used red-hot fire coals to cool the water in a pitcher. He continued his journey to the ground as he sat by his ice-cold fire, and at last, he concluded that the only way to get there was to slide down a moonbeam. 


He then went to the moon's edge and started looking for a good, powerful moonbeam.  He swung himself over the edge of the moon, wrapped his arms tightly around the moonbeam, and then went down.


As a result, just before he reached the ground, he fell into a river.  


The Man in the Moon asked a farmer if he could help him find his way to Norwich. He decided to follow the alderman's advice and go to Norwich so that he might taste some of the porridge.


The Man responded that he would like to have a cold plate of porridge. He then had a spoonful of chilly porridge in his mouth as he was very hungry. That porridge was cold to people on earth.

Happy man

Happy Man


The magistrate asked the Man in the Moon his name.  Then the magistrate said him that he might be a man but he wasn’t on the moon. He was in Norwich. Then the man said that the food burned his mouth when a woman gave him some chilly porridge.  


The magistrate gave him a startled look and said to take him to the asylum. The Man had told him that hot on Earth was cold on the moon, and vice versa.


I don't like this earth of yours at all, so I'd prefer to return to the Moon, the Man told him. It gets too warm at night, and it's too cold in the middle of the day, said the magistrate. A judge asked an astronomer how to get the Man from the Moon back to Earth.


The above story is a short story that is quite interesting for kids. It basically tells about a journey of a man to the moon. What experiences did he have as well as who did he meet on the moon?  How it was different from that on the earth. It is fun to read and is a good companion for the little ones who love to read. A little description of the moon is shared from the eye of a man who landed on the moon.

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FAQs on Man on the Moon Story

1. What characteristics define an excellent story and why do kids enjoy reading story books so much?

Following are the characteristics that define whether a story is excellent or not-

  • Give your narrative a compelling dramatic core.

  • Change up the structure and cadence of your prose.

  • Create personalities that are likable and memorable.

  • Make the key narrative passages compelling.

  • Subplots can help your plot develop.

  • Make each word in the conversation matter.

  • Add elements of an excellent plot 

  • Generate friction and conflict.

Children have a natural liking for books and stories because they are exposed to fantastic concepts, settings, and characters that they have never previously encountered. Children can have a better understanding of life, the world, and themselves via tales.

2. What distinguishes a tale as fascinating as well as meaningful and how do stories aid in student learning?

Things build up to a dramatic moment. Throughout a story, things or characters change or come to a resolution. underlying social messages or themes are revealed in new ways. Events, circumstances, or characters have a deeper impact on us.

A sense of closeness is only one benefit of good stories. They promote familiarity and trust and enable the listener to enter the story from their point of view, which increases their sensitivity to new information. Good stories are surprisingly effective at explaining difficult concepts in simple ways because they can have several truths.

3. Which country landed on the moon first?

The very first nation to reach the surface of the Moon was the Soviet Union. A man-made spacecraft known as the Luna 2 arrived at the surface of the moon in 1959. Fast forward a decade later, and the first manned mission landed on the moon on July 20, 1969.