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My Dream: A Short Story

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An Amazing Dream Adventure

Children's development and growth are greatly helped by short stories. The books they read and the characters they meet can become like friends. It's also important for children to understand that books are a fantastic resource and good reading skill is necessary for success in their future lives. Reading also helps children with their confidence, coping with emotions, language, and learning.

For example, reading stories before bedtime can help the kids to relax. They allow them to forget about the worries of the day and indulge themselves in fantasy for a certain time. The soothing familiarity of a well-known tale and the rhyming in a picture book can help the child to relax.

The Story

I had a crazy and amazing dream adventure one night when I was asleep. In my dream, I was standing on the edge of a cliff. I wished I could be an eagle and magically transformed into one! I flew in the sky and saw every bird.

Then I heard a really loud and terrifying roar 200 metres away, but I did not feel scared and moved towards the noise. I flew between the trees and through the sticky brown tree sap. I spotted something in the fire as I got quite close, but it came closer to me. I saw a fearless dragon with sharp iron-like fangs, black blunt spikes, silver scales, and red furious eyes.

The dragon attacked me with red and yellowish-orange goo, but I managed to escape. I flew over the dragon and when I was on top of it, I turned into another dragon.

Two Dragons fighting.

Two Dragons fighting

We fought until the dragon's fire was exhausted. Then I transformed into a huge pterodactyl. I picked up the dragon and threw him into a volcano. I couldn't even take a breath before the volcano erupted with rocks and lava came out. Sounds and screams were coming out from the volcano pit. Then something amazing happened.

The monstrous dragon had been completely transformed by the lava. This dragon was nice and had gorgeous eyes. We talked and became friends. "Do not disturb or break any of the humans," I told him. He agreed. From then, we often went flying together and raced the sky all the time. I heard a loud sound one day while we were twisting and doing somersaults.

I realised that I'd slipped out of my bed!! 

I woke up and rushed towards my parents' room to tell them about my dream.


When kids listen to a story, they picture the characters, storyline, place, and so on. It is not the same as watching something on a screen. As the story continues, it allows children's minds to wander. Then they are free to think the tale in their minds the way they wish. It can even help kids to be more creative and make them open to new ideas.

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FAQs on My Dream: A Short Story

1. How do short stories help kids?  

Telling stories to your kid is a great way to prepare them for later academic study. It's a terrific way to get kids ready for school because it makes learning more natural and easy. As already said, storytelling helps in the development of a child's focus and concentration, both of which are critical as they enter school.

2. What do kids learn from stories in early life?

Storytelling teaches children how to pay attention and actively listen to the person talking. As they listen to others speak, they learn to be more patient. It also opens their eyes to other people's perspectives and helps them learn how everyone's vision changes.