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Ganesha with Mouse: Mythological Tale for Kids in English

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Ganesha with Mouse is a mythological except that explains how a tiny mouse became Ganesha’s favorite companion. The story’s objectives are –

  • What is the history and origin of Ganesha’s vahana – the mouse

  • Why is patience so important

  • Why does Lord Ganesha can be found anywhere and everywhere all at once

Introduction to the Ganesha Vehicle Mouse Story

Short stories are exciting and fun, aren’t they? They also teach us invaluable lessons about life, society, good manners, and much more. One of the greatest warehouses of short stories is Indian mythology. Texts like Mahabharata, Ramayana, Adi Parva, etc., contain a plethora of interesting tales that have a lot to offer us in terms of morals. One such interesting story is Ganesha with Mouse. It is a tale that will explain to us how a tiny mouse became Lord Ganesha’s all-time companion and his vahana. Are you intrigued to know how? If yes, then read ahead!

Origin of the Ganesha Vehicle Mouse Story

Although Ganesha’s various incarnations portray him with different vahanas, such as the peacock, lion, and serpent, he is most often described as riding a mouse. The Ganesha with Mouse story first appeared in Matsya Purana, which is one of the eighteen Puranas. Experts believe that Matsya Purana has been revised throughout history, but we can trace the origin of its writings to the 1st Millenium BCE.

Summary of the Mooshak Ganesh Story

While we have all heard about the many adventures of Lord Ganesha, we cannot possibly think of the beloved deity without his little companion – his vahana, Mushaka the Mouse. The story of how a tiny mouse ended up being the big and mighty Ganesha’s carrier is captivating, and that is precisely what we will learn here.

The Ganesha and Mushak story begins at Lord Indra’s court, where many sages and Gandharvas (celestial music Gods) had gathered. Among the Gandharvas was one particular God named Krauncha. During the gathering, Lord Indra called out to Krauncha, and he came forward; he accidentally stepped on the foot of the sage Vamadeva. The act infuriated Vamadeva, and he cursed Krauncha, turning him into a rodent.

But, the curse had counter-reactions, as Krauncha, instead of becoming a small mouse, turned into a colossal rodent as big as a mountain. He started destroying farms, cattle, and everything that came on his way. On his journey of ruin, Krauncha, the giant rodent, ended up in the ashram of Maharishi Parashar, where Lord Ganesha was also staying. Ganesha had heard about the plunder created by the giant mouse and decided to control his destruction.

To stop the unhinged mouse, Lord Ganesha released his pasha (moose) and looped it around the giant rodent’s neck. The act brought the mouse to Ganesha’s feet at his mercy. Ganesha said that the mouse deserved punishment as he was harming innocent people. The mouse asked for forgiveness and said there was nothing he could do about his size. Then, do you know what Lord Ganesha did? Lord Ganesha decided that the mouse would be his vehicle.

Lord Ganesha then climbed on the mouse. The mouse could not bear Ganesha’s weight and became smaller. The mouse requested Ganesha to become lightweight so that he could provide support, and Lord Ganesha happily obliged. Since then, the mouse, who was, in fact, Krauncha, became Lord Ganesha’s vehicle or vahana, and we have the Ganesha and Mushak story.

Ganesha and Mushak Story: A Different Tale 

Well, the above story about the vehicle of Lord Ganesha is interesting, isn’t it? Nevertheless, there is another legend about Mushak. It is said that once upon a time, there lived a demon that went by the name of Mushikasura. He had tormented many people, and Lord Ganesha wanted to teach him a lesson. Ganesha challenged Mushikasura for a duel, and the latter, filled with arrogance, agreed to fight. However, Ganesha, with his wisdom and knowledge, won the battle, and Mushikasura accepted defeat. Mushikasura then volunteered to be Ganesha’s vehicle, as he wanted to escape retribution. It is also believed that Lord Ganesha is present anywhere at any time because Mushak could slither through holes and find a way even in the darkness.

So, both versions of the Ganesha Vehicle Mouse Story are entertaining and exciting, aren’t they? Now, let us look at some of the invaluable lessons that we can learn from the story.

Lord Ganesha with Mushak

Lord Ganesha with Mushak

Moral of the Mooshak Ganesh Story

The Ganesha with Mouse tale has a lot to offer to its readers. The most important thing we learn is to be patient and not act recklessly like Sage Vamadeva. Had Vamadeva not lost his cool at Krauncha stepping on his foot and not cursed him immediately, a lot of the ensuing destruction and torment that commoners faced would have never happened. Therefore, we should always remember that each of our actions has a snowballing effect, and there will be consequences for heedless decisions. Therefore, we should be patient, mindful, and strategic while making decisions, especially those that may affect others.

Note to Parents

The Ganesha with Mouse tale is fun and exciting and helps young readers dovetail into Indian mythology. It can be an excellent starting point to introduce children to the wide expanse of texts that our ancestors have left for us in the form of epics and scriptures. In addition, it is essential for children to inculcate the habit of reading stories as they learn discipline and patience. So, parents should ensure that kids get good-quality reading material from reliable sources that will quench their thirst for fascinating tales.

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FAQs on Ganesha with Mouse: Mythological Tale for Kids in English

1. What is Ganesha’s mouse name?

Lord Ganesha’s mouse name is Mushak.

2. What does the Mooshak Ganesh story symbolize in real-world terms?

During ancient times, agriculture was the primary source of income for all. However, rodents used to wreak havoc on farms. So, it is opined that Ganesha riding the mouse is a symbol of people conquering the torment of rodents like rats.

3. What are some other names of Lord Ganesha?

Some other names of Lord Ganesha are Vinayaka, Ganapati, and Pillaiyar.


Ganesha with Mouse is a mythological except that explains how a tiny mouse became Ganesha’s favorite companion. The story’s objectives are –

  • What is the history and origin of Ganesha’s vahana – the mouse

  • Why is patience so important

  • Why does Lord Ganesha can be found anywhere and everywhere all at once