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Story of Birds and Animals

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Introduction to Birds and Animals

Some indigenous birds, including the swamphen (pukeko) and parakeet (kakariki) in the Aotea and the swamp hen known as pakura in the Horouta, have traditionally been added to the cargoes of the Fleet canoes. The domesticated chicken (moa) was not imported, but the name moa was given to a number of extinct wingless birds (Dinornis, etc.) by the early inhabitants.

About the Story of Birds and Animals

This is a fantastic children's story about birds and animals. A crab formerly resided near a forest in a lake. Crab's best friend was a swan who also happened to live near the lake. They were content in their surroundings.

The Story

A snake moved near the water one day. "My bad luck began when the snake, my close friend, entered. It's devouring all of my eggs! I'm unable to stop the snake. Please assist me! Determine a strategy for escaping with the snake," said the frightened swan. In the area, there was also a mongoose. "I've had an idea, my friend! We'll catch some fish from the lake and toss them from the snake's house to the mongoose's house one by one." The crab had an idea.

Crab, Swan, and the Snake

Crab, Swan, and the Snake

Crab and swan got some fish from the pond and dispersed them amongst the snake's and mongoose's homes. Then, from their different homes, they observed the mongoose's movements. "Hello, stinky fish! v Hmm... Fish in the street in front of my house!" licking his lips, the mongoose said.

The mongoose then began to eat the fish. He arrived at the snake's house after following the trail of fish. "My enemy is here! I must kill it, I have to get rid of it" mumbled the mongoose to himself. The snake and the mongoose got into a huge battle. The snake was sentenced to death. The swan and the crab were now happy.

Mongoose arrived the next day in search of more snakes. Instead of snakes, he discovered a swan egg. "There are several swan eggs, hmm. They appeal to me greatly. I'll now come here every day for the eggs," says the mongoose.  Both the swan and the crab were rendered powerless. They had welcomed a new opponent, one that was more dangerous than the previous one, as a result of their blunder. You might also enjoy “The Swan And The Owl.”

They were forced to leave their houses because they had no other choice. Mongoose had given them a valuable lesson, and they never forgot it.

Moral of the Story

The moral of the story is thoughtless actions lead to disaster.

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FAQs on Story of Birds and Animals

1. Give the importance of birds?

Birds play a vital role in a variety of habitats. They serve an important role in pest control, pollination, and preserving island ecology. Birds are also beneficial to humans in a variety of ways, including providing food and fertiliser in agricultural settings.

2. Explain the ecological value of the birds?

Birds are significant ecological factors in natural systems.

Birds bring concrete benefits to people by controlling insects and rodents, pollinating plants, and dispersing seeds. Insect outbreaks have the potential to harm agricultural and forest goods worth hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

3. Describe the importance of animals in our life?

Animals serve as our friends, workers, eyes and ears, and food. They can be found in ancient cave drawings as well as on commercial farms today. Some have been domesticated, while others remain wild and are occasionally threatened by our actions. They keep us company and they might be funny at times and they are also useful helpers.