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Mirror Short Story

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Introduction to Mirror Short Story

Levettie Bellerose, the main character of this short story, lives alone in an apartment because of her job. One fine day, she was startled out of her slumber by what sounded like glass being knocked. She wasn't expecting it to be from her mirror, though. She wasn't sure if it was real or simply a dream. She was terrified and utterly perplexed by what was happening. When the knocking started up again, it was more of a tapping. The commotion grew louder and faster.



Levettie Bellerose Startled from Her Sleep

She decided to know where the noise actually came from. Then it came to a standstill. Levettie Bellerose tried to feel the mirror with her hands but got nothing. Her hand was moved in an attempt to find something, but nothing was found. She continued to stare into the night's gloom for several hours. Levettie looked at her clock while turning. She briefly lost vision due to the intense red light. She waited a little while for her vision to become clear, but it remained foggy.

Levettie Bellerose startled from her sleep

Levettie Bellerose Startled from Her Sleep

Levettie Bellerose Messed the House

She drenched the floor with water. The glass cup is also cracked. She also has to tidy that up. Great. Just amazing," she said, fumbling for the lamp's switch. Her hand, however, missed the switch, causing the lamp to fall from the desk to the ground. Levettie slipped out of bed after losing her footing. She threw everything off her desk and onto the ground. She experienced pain in her chest from the glass fragments. Her bedroom floor was a complete mess when her vision returned. The bed linens were scattered over the end of her bed, the floor, and the side. Her nightstand had toppled over and was in bits.

Levettie Bellerose Having Wounded Herself

The floor was covered in shattered glass. Levettie pushed off the wall and stood up before heading to the restroom. She didn't recognise herself when she first turned to face the mirror. Glass fragments were lodged on her sides and in her stomach. Tiny fragments were stuck all over her knees and arms, causing searing ashes to run through her entire body. There was hardly any glass on the floor when I turned around to see the mess she had made. The majority of the glass lodged in her body.

Levettie Bellerose wounded herself

Levettie Bellerose Wounded Herself

Levettie Bellerose in the Hospital

Her entire family was really concerned about Levettie. Everyone should report to the waiting area, the doctor ordered. The surgeon warned that if we don't get her into surgery, the wounds will stay open too long and could cause an infection in her stomach and chest. After the procedure is over, you can view her.

Levettie Bellerose Came Back to Her Apartment

Levettie claimed that her work supplies were not something that could be moved easily. Everything is nailed to the wall. She declared that she needed to go to her flat. The distance between her apartment and the mansion, however, is only 5 to 10 minutes. She eventually returned to her flat, where she lay in bed and waited for anything to happen while gazing into the mirror. Scars could be seen running up and down the bony arm as it began to slowly emerge. The skin appeared deathly. As she was writing about this and her feelings, she had the idea that she would conclude with the picture from the mirror and might even see the image in the mirror in her room once more.


A girl by the name of Levettie Bellerose lives alone in an apartment after leaving her home. She was awakened out of sleep one night by the sound of some glass breaking. But it came from the window, not the glass. She slipped her leg, suffering severe injuries. When she opened her eyes, she was receiving medical treatment for her injuries in a hospital.

The banging returned, and this time it persisted. Fingers started to emerge from the mirror after many minutes of knocking, showing a little, slender hand and wrist. The hand occasionally made brief, quick movements while turning in the air. The author believes to have her in a home for insane people towards the conclusion, re-observing the person in the mirror in her room.

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FAQs on Mirror Short Story

1. Is the image in the mirror related to Levettie Bellerose?

No, Levettie Bellerose did not actually see a picture in the mirror, but after many minutes of knocking, some fingers began to show, revealing a little, slender hand and wrist. As it slowly began to emerge, scars were seen running vertically and horizontally on the skeletal arm. In the end, she thought she was in a facility for mentally ill people, and I think she even went back to looking at the person in the mirror in her room. Levettie was only able to make out the image's vague features, not the whole thing.

2. What was the time on the clock when Levettie woke up?

Her apartment resounded with the sound of smashing glass, sending chills up and down her spine. She heard little glass fragments breaking and disintegrating. Levettie tried to prevent falling off the bed and hurting herself by removing the sheet and putting her spectacles on. It's 2:46 a.m. Just fantastic, that. She spilled the water all over the floor when she got up at four. The glass cup is also cracked. She also has to tidy that up. Great. Just wonderful. She claimed that she was looking for the lamp's switch.