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Brave Disney Stories

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Fun and Brave Disney Stories for Kids

Disney is famous among children for its encouraging and adventurous stories. These stories are not only entertaining, but they also teach children many moral values. The characters in most Disney stories showcase bravery. They always fight difficult situations and help people around them. Here in this article, we will read some brave Disney stories in which the leading characters fight every obstacle and teach us never to lose hope. 

Disney Brave Princess

Disney Brave Princess


Rapunzel was a princess kidnapped by a witch when she was a kid for her magical hair. Rapunzel did not know that she was kidnapped by the witch pretending to be her mother, and she wanted her for her magical hair. Every day the witch combed Rapunzel's long beautiful hair  so that by touching her hair, she could look younger than her real age. Witch every time, Witch lies to Rapunzel that the outside world is not good for her, and she should always sit in their castle for their safety.

Slowly, Rapunzel discovered the outside world with the help of a stranger she met at her castle and faced many obstacles in the outside world and discovered that the witch was not her birth mother; she kidnapped her. Rapunzel learnt that she had magical long hair, for which the witch wanted her. Ultimately, she bravely fought the witch and reunited with her birth parents.

Rapunzel with her Friend

Rapunzel with her Friend


Cinderella was a kind heart girl known to be kind even to animals, but her stepmom and stepsisters were cruel to her and treated her as their servant. Still, she never affected her confidence due to her poor living condition. She did each small and difficult work with happiness and full of determination.

Cinderella once met the provincial Prince while driving to the forest, and the two quickly became friends. The Prince announced the ball ceremony for all the state maidens who wanted to marry Cinderella. With the assistance of her fairy godmother, who provided her with a pair of magical shoes, a magical dress, a carriage, a driver, and carriage men, Cinderella attended the wedding.

In her haste, Cinderella misplaces the glass slipper the Prince used to find and marry her. They had a long and happy marriage.

With her kind and brave heart, Cinderella fights each obstacle and becomes popular in the town. Even palace people also became her friend due to her courage and kindness.




Moana's a tribal girl born in a clan close to nature and trusted nature as their God. Moana is a clan princess, and she loves nature, especially water. As she grows like other teenagers, she wants to do something.  Like her father, she also wanted to protect her clan.

Sometimes she doubted her capability and feared whether she would be able to protect her clan or not. But new experiences proved to her that she could face any challenge. She was always ready to fight for the thing she valued. 

Moana believed that one could cross any ocean with courage if one could sail beyond the reef. This story encourages children to know the outside world and not fear the challenges they will face in the outside world.

Moana with Her Friend

Moana with Her Friend

Snow White and The Seven Dwarf

Snow White believes that every morning brings new opportunities and experiences. She loves to make new friends and knows about new people, even if they are not polite. She accepts the truth that everyone is different from each other, and differences are not a bad thing.

She lived with her stepmom, who did not like her and treated her like her servant.

The evil queen kills her innocent stepdaughter because she is envious of Snow White's beauty,  but Snow white succeeds in escaping the danger her stepmom created.

She met seven dwarfs that lived in a clumsy house. She cleaned their house, cooked old food, and washed their clothes. In return, they allowed Snow white to live with them.

But one day, her nasty stepmom learnt that Snow White was still alive and was hidden in a cottage with seven amiable little miners. The queen, posing as a nag, tricks Snow White into eating a poisoned apple, sending her into a death-like coma that the prince's kiss can only awaken. Seven dwarf men found the prince, and the prince's kiss awakened Snow white.

Snow White and Seven Dwarf

Snow White and Seven Dwarf


Disney stories mostly tell us not to lose our courage even in difficult times. They depict characters that show their intelligence and optimistic behaviours to win challenges. Their characters are optimistic. Some characters in Disney stories are funny and entertaining.

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FAQs on Brave Disney Stories

1. What is similar in Rapunzel and Cinderella stories?

Rapunzel and Cinderella live with people who do not care about them. They are unfamiliar with the outside world and are not in contact with many people. They both are curious about their outside world but are not allowed to go there. But in the end, both managed to see the world they wanted with determination. They both enjoyed the challenges that came in their path.

2. Write some lines about the Seven Dwarfs and Snow White.

The Brothers Grimm first wrote and published Snow White's fairy tale in 1812. The original story included dwarf characters, but none of them had names.

The dwarfs' names in the Broadway adaptation of Snow White, created a century later, were Blick, Flick, Glick, Snick, Plick, Which, and Quee.

Disney's first animated film, Snow White, was created by Walt Disney in 1937.

Disney knew that the dwarfs' personalities would be what would pull in the audience. Therefore he wanted them to play a significant role in the film.

As a result, names were given to the dwarfs that reflected their personalities. The initial contenders included Gabby, Lazy, Wheezy, Nifty, and Shorty, to name a few.

However, the seven dwarfs eventually were given their official names: Doc, Bashful, Grumpy, Happy, Dopey, Sleepy, and Sneezy.

3. Write the characteristics of Cinderella.

Cinderella was known for her kind heart towards humans and animals. She was a poor girl but with a golden and kind heart. Instead of her poor life, she used to enjoy every little happiness. She was a confident girl too.