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Best Kids Stories: Amusing Short Stories for Kids in English

Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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A Collection of Kids Short Stories in English: Free Reading

Most of us have childhood memories of gaping at our elders in wonder when they narrated to us the amusing fables of Aesop, the picturesque fairy tales, the funny anecdotes, the lyrical short stories, and so on. Classic bedtime stories take us into the world of imagination. These short stories are identified with brevity and compact narrative. Vedantu brings forth some of the most amazing kids' stories with colourful illustrations to make the most of the leisure reading of kids. 

Stories for Kids

Types of Children Stories

Are you worried about the digital screen time your kids spend every day? Well, what if they get to read some enchanting stories on the digital screen and learn some priceless moral lessons of life during their screen time? The most popular types of children stories are discussed below. Therefore, you can choose from a plethora of good reads for your kids based on their favourite genre of short stories.  

Fairy Tales

Unicorns and princesses, anyone? Yes, the scenic fairy tales of all time are now available with even more colourful pictures on Vedantu. The world of fairy tales awaits to tell how virtue prevails all the way from rags to riches and good wins over evil.  

Stories from Aesop’s Fables

Aesop's fables are among the oldest small moral stories for kids. These stories are very short and teach us life lessons. The hare and the tortoise, the wolf and the crane, the lion and the mouse, the ant and the grasshopper, and many more interesting stories are written in a simple language so kids can understand them easily.   

Panchatantra Short Stories for Kids

What if a lion speaks and does not roar? What if a crocodile and a monkey become the best of friends? What if a mouse helps a trapped lion? Well, all of it is possible in the short stories of Panchatantra. These amusing stories on friendship teach us to identify our true friends and how wit and wisdom help to win every difficult situation. 

Mostly, short stories have an embedded moral message and are crafted with real and imaginary characters. These stories may bring to life even teapots and vegetables, thus taking our kids on a roller coaster of imagination. Evidently, kids happen to be glued to the fancy setup of the amusing world of short stories, so the morals stay with them forever. So, let them delve right into the world of exciting short stories and be ready to face the world with a heart full of possibilities and a mind full of wisdom.

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Importance of Reading English Stories for Kids

Making your kids read English stories is quite beneficial at a tender age. Let’s take a look at the list of advantages of reading in the following. 

  1. Reading and listening to English stories helps develop kids’ interest in the language.

  2. Regular reading polishes their linguistic skills, along with building a healthy reading habit.

  3. FIctional characters and fantasy tales help refine kids’ imagination and creativity.

  4. Short moral English stories instil a better understanding of what is right and wrong in the kids.

  5. Kids’ vocabulary, concentration, and conscience improve upon regular reading.

  6. Short stories for kids in English, therefore, help in the overall development of children’s personality and intellect.

Why is Vedantu the Best Place for Your Kids to Read English Stories?

The websites are full of short stories for kids in English, so why should you only choose Vedantu to read stories to your kids? Here are some reasons why.

  1. Vedantu understands that parents’ main focus is to enrich their children with the best learning resources, and, thus, provides you only that - the best English stories for kids.

  2. We have a plethora of kids’ stories arranged age-wise to suit the intellectual levels of children of every age.

  3. We have a plethora of English stories of every type, including Aesop’s fables, fairy tales, moral stories, bedtime tales, etc. for your child’s every need.

  4. These stories for kids are written by subject experts, so you can ensure our English stories are free of grammatical mistakes or other errors.

  5. Along with the English stories, we also provide their summaries to help kids easily understand the stories, and questions based on the stories that will allow children to do some brainstorming.

Kids learning could be quite challenging for every parent as every kid is unique. Teaching them a new concept or story or language is extremely crucial from a very young age. As a parent, you can take some initiative and create a fun-filled learning experience for your little ones. 

If you are worried about how to seek support in this highly competitive world to help your toddler thrive academically, then we are here for you along with top notch learning resources available online, i.e. stories, poems, work-sheets, spellings, essays, general knowledge etc. Check Vedantu’s site and build a better learning environment for your children.

FAQs on Best Kids Stories: Amusing Short Stories for Kids in English

1. Why should we encourage kids to read short stories in English?

Encouraging kids to read short stories in English can have more than one advantage. To begin with, we can make our kids read the 10 lines short stories with moral PDFs. Reading short stories with pictures helps kids to learn many new words along with their meanings and images. 

When we encourage them to read the classic fables for kids, they inherently learn the moral lessons of life. Besides, reading short stories in English can help them learn English language skills without actually having to undergo a stringent learning process.

2. How to make reading stories more engaging for kids?

Kids are more often interested in activities instead of sitting in one place to read a story. So, how to engage them in reading stories? Well, it always helps when we narrate a story to our kids before making them read it. 

Modulating our voice for every character in the story is an integral part of storytelling for kids as it amuses them a lot. Also, we can make it more interactive by asking them if they can recognise any of the objects given in the story and where they might have seen them.  

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