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The Story of Letter ‘F’

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Introducing the Letter ‘F’

‘F’ is the sixth letter of the English alphabet that is pronounced as ‘ef’ and the plural sound of this letter will be ‘efs.’ Often, it is doubled at the end of a few words such as “Cliff,” “Puff,” “Jeff” and more.

Let us take a look at the letter ‘F’ and the history behind the letter.

Meet the Letter F

What are a few words that start with the letter F? Mr. Franklin the frog, who wears a feathered hat, encounters Freddy the fly in the forest, are a few words that your child will discover in this animated short story. Freddy makes the decision to make Franklin laugh, but it's not easy! Franklin finally laughs, and the fly and the frog become friends, thanks to the intervention of a magic flower. With this funny, amazing, child-created narrative about a frog and a fly, children will enjoy locating words that begin with F in this story.

The Story of Letter ‘F’

A story about the letter F is given here. The uppercase letter is written as ‘F’. The lowercase of this letter is written as ‘f’. Frog is an example of a word that starts with the letter F. So, here's our story. Mr. Franklin was a frog who wore a nice hat with a feather in it. He noticed a fly and began chasing it. "Oh, Mr. Franklin, I want to be your friend," he added. I'll try my best to make you laugh!"

Letter ‘F’

Letter ‘F’

"Fly sky makes a fly," he said continuously. Then he made a goofy expression. “Hmph!” "You're never going to make me laugh!" then Freddy flipped over 4 times, revealing a magical flower. He planned to make Mr. Franklin laugh with the magical flower. Instead of making Mr. Franklin laugh, he pressed a secret button in the flower, which started a fire. "Oh no!" said Freddy. "A fire extinguisher is needed to put out the flames." "I will be your friend," said the frog.

F! What are the words that begin with the letter F in this story?

Usage of Letter ‘F’ in English

The sound /f/ is a letter that can be pronounced with air from the mouth at very little pressure applied while pronouncing. Children find it more interesting to pronounce this letter, as it has a significant influence on the way they speak. In the English language, the letter ‘F’ is used to represent the sound /f/. A few of the examples that start with the letter ‘F’ are Family, Frog, Fell, etc. On the other hand, a few of the words that end with the sound ‘ef’ include tough, puff, jeff, etc.

‘F’ for Frog

‘F’ for Frog


As children are most interested in performing fun activities, we can make them perform activities for identifying the words that start with the letter ‘F,’ or giving them a book and asking them to underline the words that start with the letter ‘F.’ These are a few types of activities or tasks that help the children to know the letter F.

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FAQs on The Story of Letter ‘F’

1. Is ‘F’ a vowel?

No, ‘F’ is not a vowel, it is a consonant. It is the sixth letter of the English alphabet. It is preceded by a vowel, ‘e’. 

2. Give an interesting fact about the letter ‘F’.

An interesting fact about the letter ‘F’ is that, in the plural of words ending with the sound of ‘f’, the letter ‘f’ is replaced by ‘-ves’. For example, the plural of ‘leaf’ is ‘leaves’.

3. Write five common words starting with ‘F’.

Five common words that start with ‘F’ are flower, fire, fountain, fur, and fox.