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Red Ribbon: Scary Story for Kids

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An Introduction to Red Ribbon Scary Story

Have you ever heard the story of a young woman and her obsession with the red ribbon that she always wears around her neck? Well, this scary story is about a woman named Sally and her lover Bill, who decided to live happily ever after their marriage. However, soon after their marriage, they had a little child, and then slowly the curiosity inside Bill’s head about the ribbon took a twist in their lives. In this story, we will be talking about how Sally’s and Bill’s lives were changed forever.

Sally Wearing Her Ribbon Around Her Neck

Sally Wearing Her Ribbon Around Her Neck

Red Ribbon: Story Introduction

This is a story of a happy family of three people named Sally, Bill, and their kid Little Bill. Sally always used to wear a ribbon around her neck and her lover, Bill, always thought that something was odd because Sally was always wearing it.

At first, after their marriage, Bill did not pay much attention to the ribbon that Sally was always wearing. Whenever Bill used to ask Sally about the ribbon, she always used to reply to him saying, “Bill, I must never take off my red ribbon!”

Bill and Sally

Bill and Sally 

Bill bought her wife many beautiful dresses and a beautiful diamond necklace for their marriage anniversary. Bill took Sally out to dinner and he thought that this was a great chance to take off the ribbon that she was always wearing around her neck. Well, Sally immediately understood Bill’s intentions and asked him not to do so, and then Bill left her ribbon alone. Bill looked at Sally and shook his head with distress.

Bill and His Curiosity

Later that night Bill could no longer stay in the dark about her wife’s little secret. So, he decided to slowly untie the ribbon from her neck later that night while Sally was sleeping.

Although Bill loved Sally, he decided to find out why Sally had not told him anything all these years about the ribbon that she wore around her neck and never took it off.

Bill Slowly Removing the Ribbon from Sally’s Neck

Bill Slowly Removing the Ribbon from Sally’s Neck

On the night of their marriage anniversary, Bill slowly walked out of his bed and pinched the ends of the ribbon, and slowly began to pull on the ribbon. ZIP! The ribbon gave way and immediately Sally’s head fell off. Her head rolled on the ground in the moonlit night and a large tear fell from her eye. She said to Bill, ‘I warned you!’.


The scary story of the ribbon teaches us about minding our own business and not being too curious about something. The story is about two lovers (Bill and Sally) but quite an unusual one. Sally always used to wear a mysterious ribbon around her neck and she never took it off. Even though the three of them (Bill, Sally, and their child) could lead a happy life together, in the end, this was not their fate. Well, Bill’s greediness to know about the little secret about his wife had cost him the life of his wife, Sally.

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FAQs on Red Ribbon: Scary Story for Kids

1. Why did Bill want to take off his wife’s ribbon?

Bill loved his wife Sally unconditionally but he was growing curious inside about his wife wearing the ribbon around her neck. Whenever he asked her about removing the ribbon she always answered, ‘I must never take off my ribbon.’ This made Bill want to take off the ribbon that his wife was always wearing around her neck.

2. What is the importance of the moral of the story?

The moral of the story is quite important to understand because in life one should always mind their own business. The character of Bill has taught us that we should not be greedy about something because that could lead to something dangerous. 

3. What was the reason behind Sally keeping a secret about her ribbon?

Sally may have many reasons for keeping the secret to herself about the ribbon that she always wore around her neck. The ribbon was the only thing that was keeping her alive and she knew that if somehow it was removed then that would be her death. Maybe she did not want to upset her lover Billy about this and kept this a secret from her husband and her baby.