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Ariel Short Story

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Who was Ariel and how does the Story has taken Place?

Ariel is the seventh child of King Triton and Queen Athena of Atlantica, an underwater realm of merfolk. She is a rebellious character who wishes to be a part of the human world in the first film. She married Prince Eric, whom she saved from a shipwreck, and they had a daughter named Melody together.

Let us read the complete story and know more interesting facts about Ariel from this topic.

Overview of the Story

This is a short story about Ariel. Ariel, a mermaid who lived deep beneath the sea, She and her pal Flounder enjoyed exploring their underwater environment, but she wanted to live on land as a human. Ariel was constantly on the lookout for human treasures. She and Flounder swam to the surface to fetch Scuttle the seagull after discovering a curious forked object. He exclaimed, "It's a dinglehopper!"

King Triton, the sea's ruler, was Ariel's father. Humans, he believed, were dangerous. When he found out that Ariel had gone to the surface, he barred her from going back. After that, he requested that Sebastian the crab keep an eye on her. Ariel, on the other hand, continued to ascend to the surface. A violent storm rushed across the sea one night. Ariel and Flounder stood there watching as a Prince dropped from the big ship. "I have to save him," she sobbed. Ariel drew Prince Eric to the water's edge and sang to him. After that, she swam away. Prince Eric only saw a glimpse of Ariel's face, but she had such a wonderful voice that he knew he would remember it forever.

The Ariel Story

The Ariel Story

Ariel agreed to lend her voice to the evil sea witch Ursula because she was desperate to see Prince Eric again. Ursula used magic to transform Ariel into a human, but she had greater ideas! She would revert to a mermaid if Prince Eric did not kiss her by sunset on the third day. Worse, she'd be a slave to the sea witch for the rest of her life. Prince Eric was enchanted by Ariel's quiet beauty and decided to show her his kingdom. In the human realm, Ariel loved being with the Prince, but the two had yet to kiss.

Ursula transformed herself into the lovely Vanessa, fearful that Prince Eric would fall in love with Ariel. Instead, she planned to make the Prince fall in love with her. The sea witch, disguised as Vanessa and speaking in Ariel's voice, placed a spell on Prince Eric. He was convinced he was in love. Vanessa was going to be his wife. Ariel had been lost by her real love.

Scuttle discovered Vanessa was Ursula in disguise just before sunset on the third day. He rushed over to Ariel to warn her. Ariel and Flounder raced to catch Prince Eric's ship as Sebastian went looking for King Triton. Ariel was able to stop the wedding and regain her voice with the help of her friends. When Prince Eric was free of Ursula's control, he recognized that Ariel was the one he genuinely loved. However, it was too late.

Before Ariel and the prince could kiss, the sun had set. She was once again a mermaid, and she belonged to Ursula. King Triton handed Ursula his enormous powers and became her prisoner in order to save his daughter. Ursula said, "Mow, I am the ruler of the entire ocean!" Prince Eric jumped onto an old ship as Ursula rose in size and towered over the water. Ursula's heart was wounded by its jagged bow. The sea witch disappeared in the waves with a howl.

King Triton recovered his power once Ursula left. The King fulfilled Ariel's dream after seeing her love for Prince Eric: she turned human! Ariel and Prince Eric married and settled down in a seaside palace.


Ariel, the Little Mermaid is a beautiful story about a mermaid who has spent her entire life wishing to become human. She was drawn to the human world and everything in it from an early age. She fell in love with a handsome young guy she had saved from drowning when she was 15, and all she wanted was for him to fall in love with her as well.

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FAQs on Ariel Short Story

1. Explain some characteristics of Ariel?

Ariel is the youngest of the seven daughters of King Triton and Queen Athena. Sebastian, her father's advisor who is often assigned to keep a watch on her, and Flounder, her best friend, are frequently seen with her. Ariel has an interest in the human world throughout the television series and the first film, and she frequently goes off to gather human artifacts to display in a secret grotto.

2. Where was the Ariel character based on?

Ariel was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's "The Little Mermaid," but co-director and writer Ron Clements felt the mermaid in the original narrative was too tragic, so he changed her and created Ariel.