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Dumbo Story For Kids - An Amusing Story of Dumbo and Timothy

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Timothy Dumbo Story

The story of Dumbo is one of the kids' favourite stories. They like the friendship of Dumbo Elephant and Timothy mouse. This story revolves around Dumbo, a newborn circus elephant who is tormented by other animals because of his unnaturally huge ears. In the circus, a youngster hit Dumbo's ears, his protective mother spanked the child and isolated Dumbo from the other animals.

So let us read this children's story about Dumbo and Timothy. 

Dumbo And Timothy Mouse

Dumbo and Timothy Mouse

Dumbo and Timothy Story

Dumbo is turned into a sideshow attraction because of his clumsiness. Mrs Jumbo spanks their leader and tosses hay bales at them when some unruly lads begin blowing in and yanking Dumbo's ears. Mrs Jumbo gets into a frenzy when the circus personnel remove Dumbo from the corral, and she finally drowns the ringmaster in a bathtub. Timothy, a circus mouse who meets Dumbo and aspires to make him a celebrity, joins the circus.

Timothy Mouse exclaimed, "Whee!" as he sailed into the air atop Dumbo's headgear. The young elephant zoomed straight to the top of the circus tent with his massive ears. Timothy Mouse said, "Way to go!" "Can we do a loop-de-loop next?" Timothy inquired.

Dumbo excitedly nodded and flapped his ears to increase his speed. He was soon swooping down, then up, around, down, and back over the tent. Timothy remarked, "That was our finest loop-de-loop yet!" As he landed on the earth, Dumbo grinned. Timothy told Dumbo, "Great rehearsal." "However, I believe we've had enough practice this morning."

They heard voices calling Dumbo's name as they headed outdoors. They turned around to find a swarm of circus performers waving their arms. "Wonderful flying," said a clown. "You're incredible!" the sword swallower said. "We're huge admirers," said one of the acrobats. "Don't let this fame get to your head, mate," Timothy cautioned Dumbo as his own pals rushed up to congratulate him. A girl mouse shrieked, "Oh, it's Timothy Mouse!" "Oh, isn't he cute?" her buddy said.

A girl mouse shrieked, "Oh, it's Timothy Mouse!" "Oh, isn't he cute?" her buddy said. As his supporters dragged him away, Timothy winked and said, "You can have the rest of the morning off." "Sleep for a while. Later, you'll practice." Dumbo snoozed a little. To him, that sounded like an excellent idea. The little elephant made his way to the circus rail car, where he shared a space with his mother and Timothy.

"Oh no!" someone said suddenly. My lovely balloons! They've taken to the air!" Sure enough, a colossal swarm of colourful balloons was soaring through the sky. Dumbo sprung into action as quickly as he could. He grasped the balloon strings with his trunk as soon as he got close enough. Dumbo returned the balloons to the vendor, who joyfully accepted them. "Thank you very much, Dumbo; you're the finest!" The man said, "You rescued my day!" Dumbo flashed a wide grin. He was simply grateful for the opportunity to assist.

Dumbo said goodbye to the man, looking forward to his siesta more than ever. However, when he approached his railway car, he noticed a throng gathered in front of the circus tent. Dumbo politely eased his way in with his trunk to observe what was going on. Tears streamed down the cheeks of a little girl who stood in the heart of the gathering. She yelled out, "I want my mama!" "I believe the poor youngster has gone missing," a magician speculated. "I'm sure her mother is just as angry as she is," a juggler speculated. Even the powerful man felt sorry for her. "We have to assist her, but how?" he wondered.

Dumbo approached the small girl and softly touched her on the shoulder with his trunk. The juggler said, "Great idea, Dumbo!" "From the air, you may assist the girl in finding her mother." Dumbo sailed far over the circus tents with the girl on his back. Holding on tight, the girl could see everything in the crowd, including her mother. "There's my mama," she said joyfully, pointing to a woman lying on the ground. When Dumbo landed, the little girl raced into her mother's arms. "I was very scared," the girl's mother explained. "Thank you very much, Dumbo!" Dumbo returned the smile. He was simply grateful that he'd been able to assist.

Dumbo was now all prepared for his sleep. But then, out of nowhere, a pie zipped by his trunk. Dumbo spun around to see some clowns rehearsing their pie-throwing routine. They were quickly drenched in pink whipped cream from head to toe. "What a disaster," one of the clowns said, licking the pie filling from his lips. Another said, "It's shower time!" A thought came to Dumbo as he smiled at the gooey, sticky, pie-covered clowns.

Dumbo flew over to a water tank and drank from it. Then he soared back and, with one great whoosh, blasted the water all over the clowns. The entire pie was washed away in an instant. "Thank you, Dumbo," the clowns said, laughing and waving. Dumbo groaned and glanced around when he finally arrived at his railway car. There were no dangling balloons. There were no children who went missing and no clown needed to be washed.

Moral of the story

The moral of the story is that we should not discourage anyone because of his or her appearance. The baby elephant was teased because of his big ears but later he became famous all over the world because of his big ears.


Dumbo is based on a children's book by Helen Aberson-Mayer and Harold Pearl, with Helen Durney's artwork. Kay Kamen, the studio's head of merchandise licensing, first brought the children's book to Walt Disney's notice in late 1939, when he displayed a prototype of the Roll-A-Book that contained Dumbo. Here we learned about the story of Dumbo and Timothy and learned what it really means to be a family.

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FAQs on Dumbo Story For Kids - An Amusing Story of Dumbo and Timothy

1. Who was Dumbo's friend?

After his mother was imprisoned, Timothy the mouse, became Dumbo's lone companion, along with the crows, and tried to make him happy again. He trained Dumbo, the world's only flying elephant.

2. What is the significance of Dumbo's message?

"Dumbo" educates people about the importance of love, family, and bravery while also questioning our perceptions about what constitutes a family. A family isn't usually defined by the presence of a mother, father, and child. A family, on the other hand, is a collection of people who love each other and support one another during difficult times.