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An Interesting Bedtime Story of a Crow and a Peacock

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Do you like following others and becoming like them? Well, sometimes when we are not confident in ourselves and don’t accept the way we are, we try to impersonate and disrespect ourselves, which is the reason we start humiliating those who are like us (in the past)? Do you really think it is right to follow someone blindly, be it acquiring a wrong habit? Well, it all depends on your perspective.

Let us go through the story of a crow and a peacock to get an answer on what we should do to accept ourselves. This story starts with two creatures, crow and a peacock, where crow doesn’t like its appearance and wants to be a peacock and it faces a lot many issues along its new journey. 

Stay on this page to get an insight into the crow and peacock story in English.

The Story of a Crow and a Peacock in English

There was once a crow that despised her feathers. She had always adored the peacock's brilliant feathers and wished to be one of them.

"You all have such a drab and uninteresting appearance. Look at how lovely the peacocks are.” She would tell her fellow crows, "I wish I were a peacock."

The crow noticed a lot of peacock feathers on the ground one day. “An idea came to me when I saw those peacock feathers.” She gathered them and inserted them into her wings, tail, and a few inches above her head to resemble a peacock.

She thought to herself, "Now I'm as beautiful as a peacock." So she went to join the peacocks, only to be humiliated and kicked out. The peacocks were well aware that she wasn't one of them.

The crow wanted to be a peacock.

The Crow wanted to be a Peacock

The peacock and the crow are two birds that live together.

They told her that wearing peacock feathers would not turn her into a peacock.

She returned to her crow mates, sad and ashamed. However, after all of her insults, none of her other crows wanted to be around her. To add insult to injury, they teased her for having peacock feathers sticking out of her wings and tail.

Then a wise old crow appeared and told him, "We should accept ourselves as we are." Don't attempt to be a carbon duplicate of others. I hope you've grasped the significance of your lesson."

The crow recognised her error and felt bad about it. She tore the peacock feathers from her feathers and accepted herself as a crow once more. She then went up to her fellow crows and apologised for offending them. They reconnected as pals. The crow finally found happiness.

From the crow and peacock story in English, we conclude that we must accept ourselves the way we are; otherwise, we will lose everyone and stay alone forever. If you liked reading this story and want to read more, then check out our huge collection of interesting kid’s stories on our website.

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FAQs on An Interesting Bedtime Story of a Crow and a Peacock

1. What do you understand by accepting oneself?

Accepting oneself includes the following day-to-day activities:

  • Accepting your body, 

  • Protecting yourself against harsh criticism

  • Believing in your capabilities

2. What did the fellow crows wish for?

The fellow crows wished to look like a peacock.

3. How did the crow imitate the peacock?

The crow found some feathers of the peacock and inserted them under his wings and said that he was now turned into a peacock.

4. What did the crow do when he realised his mistake?

The crow tore the feathers of the peacock which he had been wearing and again accepted himself to be a crow and then he went up to his fellow pals and asked for forgiveness after which he lived with them happily.