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Story of the Shocked Turtle: Short Animal Stories for Kids

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The shell shocked turtle story teaches about fears and how to support others when they are scared of something or someone.

Readers will understand ways to support themselves and others when being scared instead of making fun of others.

Let’s Read the Shell-Shocked Turtle Story

Shocked turtle is a popular kid's short story in the English literary world. The story is very interesting and best for young kids. This short story is an online published story written by Artie Knapp, a budding short story writer.

The story follows a baby turtle who is afraid of lightning and thunderstorms. While his sister is very supportive and encourages him to get out of his shell and move to the pond. All other animals make fun of the little turtle for his fear. Although when the little turtle comes across a beautiful female turtle, he falls in love and forgets his fear. Read the shell-shocked turtle summary given below for a better understanding.

Shell Shocked Turtle Summary 

On one stormy night, a little turtle Owen and his older sister Shany were moving towards the pond. The little turtle was so scared of lightning and thunderstorms that he was not coming out of his shell. Shany kept on encouraging Owen to come out of the shell and move towards the pond. The scared Owen told her sister about how a flash of lightning once stroked him, fortunately, it struck his shell, and he was alive. Both of them began arguing, and suddenly a little beautiful turtle Roxie came by. Roxie was lost and asked directions to the lake. Looking at Roxie, Owen instantly fell in love and came out of his shell. Shany was very happy to see her brother out of the shell. Both brother and sister began walking towards the pond to meet Roxie once again.

Shocked Turtle Story in English 

"Come out Owen, we need to hurry! We are the last one left" Shany shouted to his little brother Owen. Poor Owen, although knew her older sister was correct, what could he do? He was just a baby turtle who had just known about thunderstorms. His very first experience with lighting and storms was very frightening.

Since that day Owen has feared storms, lightning, and all other strange noises. Like really all types of noises like crickets chirping, birds singing, wind blowing and many more. Little Owen used to have nightmares about the lightning. It scared him to the bones.

"Owen out of all our brothers and sisters only we are the ones who haven't been to water yet." Shouted the older sister Shany.

"I know that very well Shany but you aren't understanding. I cannot do this''. Replied Owen. 

"You have to somehow overcome your fear. It's just lightning Owens. You will have to face much more scary and dangerous things in the future". 

Owen replied, " What did you say? A little storm? A lightning bolt bounced off my back. 

"Haha I remember what an amazing sight it was. But it bounced off right? Why are you still so afraid?" joked Shany. If it was the first hit, there is certainly going to be a second" said Owen. 

"If the lightning strikes me again I'm sure to be a goner." To this Shany replied " Listen, Owen, if both of us did not reach the pond in time we both sure will be goners." "Don't scare me Shany," said Owen. 

"Please trust me Owens nothing will happen. You are the last one to hatch, so I am bound to take care of you according to the rule," said Shany. 

"Wait for a second, you just hatched 45 seconds before me, that does not make you all grown up." replied poor Owens. "Yes you are right I am not grown up but at least I am not afraid of lightning like you are." Said Shany while laughing. She laughed and laughed loudly and couldn't stop. 

Suddenly a little turtle called Roxie came by them and asked " I am sorry if I am disturbing you, but can you please tell me the way to Pike Lake?"

Owen was familiar with lightning but, what he was feeling in his body was something new. It was like a spark of electricity passing through his body. Roxie was the most beautiful tortoise Owen had ever seen. And finally, he was out of his shell despite the strong lightning. He popped out just to help Roxie with the directions. 

As he tried to speak his voice suddenly trembled. Owen was so nervous and shy that he couldn't speak. Although Shany had already told Roxie the correct way to the pond. Roxie thanked both of them and was about to leave but Shany said " We are also going to the pond, do you want us to accompany you?" Little Roxie replied "I appreciate that a lot but I am suffering from a cold, and don't want to spread it to you guys." and went away. Shany shouted " Hope we will meet again one day in the pond." 

Owen was very delighted, even though he did not talk to Roxie but he certainly wanted to meet her again. Owen was very excited and said " Look Shany I am out of my shell now and nothing can scare me now. Lets go as soon as possible," as he said this he immediately jumped into her sister's arms. " What was that loud sound that just came!" said Owen while shaking in fear. 

Suddenly a laughing sound was audible with the loud rumble. The laughing noise came from somewhere close. On looking here and there Shany saw a little furry squirrel by the bush. It wasn't the sound of lightning that made Owens jump, but a small squirrel banging stones intentionally. The squirrel laughed and said " What a poor creature, he is afraid of lightning. I pity you." Shany was angry and replied " So what if he is afraid of lightning? I saw you crying and running away from a cat yesterday. What a poor creature you are." The squirrel felt embarrassed as he knew that Shany was correct. 

He shook his head and ran away in an instant. Owen was happy once again and said " Thank you, dear sister, for protecting me, you are the best." " Like it is said I am your sister, and protecting you is my job Owens," Shany said. " I have learned something good today, being afraid of something is nothing to be ashamed of as everyone has their fear." replied Owen. 

"That's the right little brother, way to go now." Saying this both Owen and Shany began walking fearlessly toward the pond. Since that day Owens has not feared lightning just as he did in his first encounter. 

This was the story Owens loved to tell his grandchildren every time in summer. Although the kids didn't believe that a bolt of lightning bounced off his back. So Owens used to simply reply "You can ask your grandma Roxie if you don't believe me."

Owen with his Older Sister Shany

Owen with his Older Sister Shany

The Moral of the Story Shell Shocked Turtle

The moral of the shocked turtle story is that one should not be embarrassed or ashamed of his fears. Everyone in this world is scared of something or other but we must overcome this fear instead of feeling ashamed of it.

Note to Parents

This is a great story to narrate to kids, as they are very young and have various fears. Parents should tell them this story and make them realise that it's okay to have fear and be afraid, but overcoming them is a great thing.

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FAQs on Story of the Shocked Turtle: Short Animal Stories for Kids

1. Who were Owen and Shany?

Owen and Shany were little turtles and both of them were siblings.

2. What was Owen so afraid of?

Owen was afraid of storms and lightning because once a bolt of lightning fell on him but since it struck his outer shell, he was saved.

3. How did Owen come out of his shell at once?

When Owen saw little Roxie, he fell in love and came out of his shell at once.


The shell shocked turtle story teaches about fears and how to support others when they are scared of something or someone.

Readers will understand ways to support themselves and others when being scared instead of making fun of others.