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Horse Stories with Moral for Kids

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Bedtime stories for kids are a good way to ensure they develop listening, speaking and reading skills. It builds the habit of reading and English communication in them at a very early age. Kids are quite fascinated by animal stories and enjoy the idea of animals speaking or acting like humans. What more? If you can narrate animal stories to your children with morals, then there is nothing like that. So, if your child is fond of horses and if you are searching for horse stories with morals for kids, check out the following two tales. They will make your child’s storytime interesting and enjoyable.

The Snail and the Horse Story for Kids

This is one of the funniest horse stories for children. Once upon a time, in a vast jungle, there lived a horse. He was extremely proud of himself. One day, he came across a snail. When the horse noticed how slowly the snail crawled, he began to tease him. "Hey, snail! Would you like to have a race?" questioned the horse. The snail was angered by the horse's behaviour. “Okay! Let us do it.  "We'll meet on Sunday and will start the race," the snail stated.

The Horse and the snail story

The Horse and The Snail Story

The snail returned home and invited all of the snails to discuss the situation. Everyone heard about the race as he told them about it. All the snails made a plan to fool the horse. Since all snails looked identical, they planned to use their cleverness to fool the horse.

When Sunday arrived, they were up and out quite early. They began hiding at a close distance from one another all the way from the starting point to the finish line. Soon, the race started. The horse took a few steps forward before looking down. He noticed the snail in front of him. The horse quickened its pace, but the snail was still ahead of him.

The horse began to run faster and faster. The snail was still ahead of the horse, no matter how hard he tried. After a lot of attempts, the poor horse finally gave up. The horse felt ashamed and exclaimed, " “Okay! I lose the race!" The snail started laughing, "  Ha, ha, ha! So, will you ever make fun of anyone?" The horse asked the snail to forgive him and promised that he would never make fun of anyone in the future.

Moral of the Story

The story of the horse and the snail tells us not to make fun of anyone and how we should never boast about ourselves. 

The Horse and the Donkey Story with Moral

You might have heard a lot of horse stories till now but this particular horse and donkey story for kids is an interesting one. It will also teach you an important moral lesson. 

Once upon a time, there was a washerman who had a donkey and a horse. The washerman used to wash people’s clothes and made his earnings from that. One day, the washerman had loaded his donkey with a heavy bundle of clean clothes, while the horse carried nothing. The load on the donkey was very heavy.

The Horse and the donkey story

The Horse and The Donkey Story

After walking for a long time, the heavy load of the clothes was hurting the donkey. So, he thought of asking for help from the horse. "Brother! These clothes are too heavy, would you mind sharing some of the loads? It is killing me." To this, the horse replied, “Why would I help you in that? I am not meant to do that. I am meant for riding, not for carrying any heavy load. It is the job of a donkey.”

The donkey was hurt and felt sad. He kept on walking with the heavy load on his back but soon, he was totally exhausted and fell down. Seeing him in this condition, the washerman felt bad. He soon realised his mistake and offered him water. He soon transferred all the heavy clothes from the donkey’s back and shifted them onto the horse’s back.

The horse was disheartened and soon realised that if he had helped the donkey in the beginning then he would not have to carry this load alone. He walked the rest of the mile and understood how difficult it is for the donkey to bear this heavy weight on his back. He soon apologised to the donkey and promised to be always kind and helpful to others.

Moral of the Story

The story of the horse and the donkey teaches us that we should always be kind to all and be helpful to those who are in need.


We hope you have enjoyed these horse stories with morals for kids. Do remember the morals that the stories taught us and try to apply them to yourself as well. It is important that we are kind and helpful to others and do not misbehave or make fun of others. If you like reading these and wish to add more stories and poems to your collection, visit our website today.

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FAQs on Horse Stories with Moral for Kids

1. Why are stories with moral lessons important for kids?

Kids during their early years tend to learn many new things and lessons. One of the best ways to teach them valuable lessons in life is through stories. For example, from the horse and the donkey stories, kids can learn a valuable lesson on kindness and how we should always help others if they are in trouble.

2. Why did the horse make fun of the snail?

The horse made fun of the snail because of his slow speed. The horse was very proud of himself and always boasted about his speed to everyone. He often laughed at the snail after noticing his slow crawling.