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Power of Storytelling

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What is a Storytelling?

Storytelling means the description of ideas through personal experience and imagination in a realistic manner. Stories have been a way to communicate. Storytelling simply means telling the stories. There are two forms of storytelling that are oral and written.



In ancient times, when people did not know about writing, they would tell oral stories to each other that would help them in communication. Every new story should have a message for listeners.

Children can more easily remember the stories than the simple facts. They love to listen to stories. That's why parents always tell their children stories because it is a way to build their interest in imagination, and thinking creative things in their mind.


Art of Storytelling 

A good story can entertain the audience as well as bring a meaningful message. It is an art that everyone can’t do. For kids, story writers should keep a few things in mind while writing the story for children. A few storytelling methods with the art of storytelling are given below:


1. Make it Simple: The story should be in simple words that can be easily understood by children. Use easy words instead of heavy and typical words.

2. Erase Unconnected Words: Give details about everything but also erase the details that cannot be connected with the topic and story. Leave out the things that go behind the point.

3. Add Surprises: The story should not be boring at all. Try to add surprises in between the story that the audience has an eagerness to know.

4. Hero is a Must: Every storyline needs a hero who can be their role model and they can learn the good things from the story.

5. Meaningful Message: People remember your story by its message. So the message should be inspiring and meaningful.


Types of Stories

Stories can be of many types. For example:

Tragic, comedy, adventurous, real-life experience and can be of any type which can give a meaningful moral.


Best Story Topics that Can be Used in Storytelling Competitions

1. The Lion and the Mouse

Lion and Mouse

Lion and Mouse

Once upon a time, a mouse woke up a lion by chance. This angers the lion and the mouse cries and begs for his life and promises to pay him back in kind. The lion laughs at this but lets the mouse go. A few days later, the mouse finds the lion trapped in a net and sets the lion free by biting on the ropes.


Moral of the Story: No one is too small to help you; everyone has something to offer. And mercy is not a wasted act.


2. Always Share

Peter was a selfish boy. He never shared his toys with anyone. His parents were worried about teaching him kindness and sharing. One day, he was sitting in his classroom and he saw his classmate fall onto the floor and hurt himself. Peter would never help anyone but that day, he felt sad for the boy and helped him stand up and take care of him. Peter also shared his lunchbox with him. After that teacher and all his classmates clapped for Peter and thanked him. From this appreciation, he understood the importance of being kind and decided to always share.


Moral of the Story: Sharing is the best moral value.



Storytelling is the realistically expressed presentation of concepts using one's own experience and imagination. Communication has often been facilitated by stories. Simply put, storytelling is the act of telling stories. Oral and written storytelling are the two main types.

Compared to straightforward facts, stories are easier for kids to recall. They enjoy listening to stories, therefore parents tell them to their kids constantly as a way of piquing their interest in imagination and stimulating creative thought. 

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FAQs on Power of Storytelling

1. What is the storytelling method? Why is it important?

The storytelling method is a technique to teach values, morals, and differences. Stories work as a tool to pass on knowledge and experiences in a realistic manner. To use effective art and correct methods, a story can teach everyone a meaningful message. storytelling is a kind of teaching. Method of storytelling also helps to learn vocabulary. Children enjoy hearing stories that can connect with them. So choosing an effective method is very important.

2. Write a story that shows the magic of storytelling.

Once upon a time, there was a boy. He was 8 years old and his name was John. John was very intelligent, but he had a hard time learning numbers. No matter how hard he tried, he just could not memorize the tables in mathematics. It just did not stick in her head. One day his teacher told him a story. A story about how the tables were made in order and interconnected with numbers. How ten and eleven tables were easily made. After telling him the story, John was able to remember all of the tables in the right order because of the magic of storytelling. John could remember the story and with that, he could remember the tables.