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The Puss in Boots Story

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How Puss Helped the Miller’s Son Become a Prince!

How many of you have pets at home or love to feed stray animals and birds? Do you sometimes wonder what it would be like if animals could talk to us? There would be so much to know and share with them. Unfortunately, animals cannot speak. So, it is up to us to understand their needs and care for them. Believe it or not, we too are dependent on them just like they are dependent on us. We must learn to love and care for the voiceless, i.e., animals and birds. In return, they too will shower their love on us and protect us from harm. Read through the Puss in Boots story to know how a cat helped her master. 

Puss in Boots Story

Puss in Boots Story

Puss and Her New Master

Long long ago, a miller, who had three sons, left his mill, an ass, and his favourite cat Puss to them after his death. The elder sons decided to stay together but abandoned the youngest brother because all he had to offer was a cat. Upset with his brothers’ treatment, the youngest son wondered how he would acquire food and survive. Just then the cat spoke, “Buy me a pair of shoes and a bag. I’ll bring food to your plate.” Although the miller’s son was hard on money, he was amused by a speaking cat and decided to fulfil his demands. 

Puss Brings Rabbits

With boots on her feet and a bag across her shoulders, Puss set off to a rabbit warren. She stuffed some lettuce and parsley in the bag and left it on the ground while hiding for an ambush. As soon as two rabbits went into the bag to feed, Puss shut the bag immediately and captured them. She took them to her new master and he cooked one of them for dinner, while Puss kept the other away for the next day. The following morning, Puss returned to the rabbit warren and caught two more rabbits, but this time she took them to the palace. 

Puss Brings Rabbits for the king

Puss Brings Rabbits for the King

Presents for the King

Puss arrived at the palace and requested to see the king on account of having brought presents for him. She bowed in front of the king and said that she had come on behalf of her lord, Marquis of Carrabas, who had sent rabbits for him to feast and his respects too. The king was very pleased with the gift and asked Puss to let her master know the same. The princess ordered some fine cream for Puss and she happily returned to the miller’s son having fed herself. Although the miller’s son laughed when Puss told him what she had done, she continued doing it every morning. 

Puss Talking to the Ogre

Puss Talking to the Ogre

Mighty Puss Kills the Giant

Puss next set out to meet the cruel ogre who ate children. Everyone was scared of him but no one had managed to defeat him. Puss asked the ogre, “I’ve heard you can change into any creature. Is that true?” The proud ogre replied, “Yes, let me show you!” The ogre turned into a lion and roared so fiercely that Puss jumped with fear. She then asked the ogre if he could turn into a smaller creature. On hearing this, the ogre changed into a mouse and Puss pounced on him and killed him. 

Puss Asks the king for Help to Save Her Master from Drowning

Puss Asks the king for Help to Save Her Master from Drowning 

The Marquis of Carrabas

One fine morning, Puss asked the miller’s son to take a bath in a river and while he was at it, she hid his clothes away. Just as she had expected, the king’s carriage was about to pass through that area when Puss called out for help to save her master from drowning. On hearing from Puss that her master, the Marquis of Carrabas, had lost his clothes while bathing, the king ordered a suit of his clothes for the Marquis who had been generously showering him with gifts. Puss took the clothes to the miller’s son and asked him to dress in those. The king then offered to take the Marquis of Carrabas to his home.

Puss ran before them to a field of reapers. She told them that if inquired by the king, they must say the fields belong to the Marquis of Carrabas, adding “If you dare disobey, I’ll see to it that you are minced into meat pieces.” The frightened reapers agreed to obey. She went further and instructed the other labourers and shepherds the same. All of these fields and cattle belonged to the ogre in reality but he was dead. When the king arrived at the fields, the reapers indeed said that all of it belonged to the Marquis of Carrabas. The king was highly impressed!

To the Castle of the Marquis of Carrabas

Finally, they arrived at the ogre’s castle. Puss alighted the coach and bowed before the king welcoming him and the princess to the fine castle of the Marquis of Carrabas, who was the miller’s son. The king, the princess, and the miller’s son were astonished by the richness and beauty of the castle. The king had then resolved to marry his daughter to the Marquis of Carrabas. Later in his court, the preparations for their marriage were underway and the miller’s son was happily wedded off to the princess. He had now become a prince. 

The miller’s son could not hold his happiness. He was very grateful to Puss who with her resourcefulness and cunning means had made him a wealthy royal person from an almost pauper. Puss too lived a happy life thereafter. She got fine meat, fish, milk, and cream. She no longer had to hunt for mice or eat from leftover scraps of food. 

Note to Parents

Building vocabulary and instilling a habit of reading can be started at a tender age. Please encourage your child to try and read the story on their own and help them out with difficult words and sentences. Through this simple Puss in Boots story, you can also make your child sensitive to other living creatures such as plants and animals, which will result in a better world for all. If your child is fond of animal stories or if you wish to introduce them to fun learning activities, do visit our website!

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FAQs on The Puss in Boots Story

1. Why did Puss ask for a bag and a pair of shoes from the miller’s son?

Puss had asked the miller’s son for a pair of shoes and a bag so that she could arrange food for them. She wore those shoes and visited a nearby rabbit warren. She then stuffed some lettuce and parsley in the bag and used it as a trap to catch rabbits at the rabbit warren. She brought those rabbits for their dinner to the miller’s son. 

2. What lessons does the Puss in Boots story teach us?

There are a few morals to take away from the Puss in Boots story. The miller’s elder sons abandoned their youngest brother thinking him to be useless since all he had was a cat. However, with the turn of fate, he became a prince and richer than them. The miller’s youngest son teaches to love and care for animals. Although he was thrown out by his brothers, he never blamed or ill-treated Puss. Instead, he fulfilled her wish for a bag and boots. He never doubted her actions and did as she said. In the end, he was abundantly rewarded. Puss through her cleverness could not only kill the undefeatable ogre but also make his master a prince.