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Little Girl and Her Chocolate Land

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So, Kids! Do you all love eating chocolates? Let us guess that answer to be yes. After all, who does not love chocolate? Gems, Cadbury, Five-stars and our favourite chocolate cookies. We all love eating them, isn’t it? But have you ever heard a story about chocolate land? A land filled with only chocolates, the tree, fountains and even the houses are filled with chocolates. So, would you like to travel to chocolate land?

Today we are going to read a story about a little girl named Ritu, who just like you wanted to travel to the chocolate land. Let us find out what happened to Ritu when she reached the chocolate land.

The chocolate Land

The Chocolate Land

The Chocolate Land Story - Short Chocolate Stories for Kids

Once upon a time, there lived a cute little girl in a village. Her name was Ritu and she loved eating chocolates a lot. She also enjoyed dancing and playing. Every day, after playing for a while she would eat her favourite chocolates and cookies. Her mother was worried about Ritu and often scolded her for having too many chocolates. "It is very bad for your health. Your teeth will soon turn black and you will have a stomach ache if you continue eating chocolates like that", said her mother angrily. But little Ritu did not listen to her mother and enjoyed eating her chocolates. 

Little Ritu

Little Ritu 

One day when little Ritu was preparing to go to bed, she saw a fairy. She asked Ritu her name, to which she replied, “My name is Ritu. Are you the fairy who fulfils everyone’s wish?” The fairy smiled and nodded her head saying yes. Little Ritu got excited and requested the fairy to take her to the chocolate land. The fairy granted the wish made by little Ritu. 

They soon reached the chocolate land. Ritu noticed the huge ice cream river and all the houses were made of cookies. She then headed towards the biscuit building and danced happily on the chocolate terrace. She saw chocolate trees and cookie castles. She came downstairs and climbed a chocolate tree. It was filled with candies and gems. Little Ritu began swinging on the tree branch and was overjoyed to see everything around her to be filled with chocolates. She ran towards the ice cream shop and was excited to see all the flavours of ice cream. Mango, Strawberry, Vanilla and chocolate, little Ruby ate all of the ice creams. But chocolate was her favourite one. There were tiny hills made of gems and chocolates everywhere. Ritu jumped on those gems-filled hills and rolled down. She was laughing and dancing with joy but soon her stomach started to ache badly. She saw a mirror and was shocked to see her reflection there. All her white teeth were now turned black and her stomach ache was increasing. She regretted eating so many chocolates in one day.

Now she realised her mother was correct. Ritu began crying and requested the fairy, "I want to go home, I have realised my mistake. From now on, I will always listen to my mother and brush my teeth before going to bed. I will also not eat too many chocolates." Seeing her cry, the fairy felt bad and replied, "Ohh darling Ritu, I will take you to your home but promise me that you will always remember to listen to your elders." Little Ritu promised the fairy to obey her order and that she will always listen to her elders.

Moral of the Story

So, kids! What did we learn from the story of little Ritu? It taught us that our elders are always right and we should always listen to them. Our elders and parents will always know what is good or bad for us; therefore, we must always listen to their advice. 

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FAQs on Little Girl and Her Chocolate Land

1. Why did Ritu’s stomach start to ache?

Ritu’s stomach started to ache badly because she ate a lot of chocolates in one day. She was so happy after reaching the chocolate land that she wanted to eat all the cookies and gems that she saw. 

2. What promise did the fairy ask Ritu to make?

The fairy asked little Ritu to make a promise to her before taking her back home. She asked her to always listen to her mother and not eat too much chocolate. She also asked her to brush her teeth daily before going to bed or else her teeth would soon turn black.