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Short Tales of Kings and Queens

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Short Stories of Kings and Queens for Kids in English

Short stories of kings and queens fascinate kids a lot and they love to listen to them as a tale while going to sleep. On this page, we will also cover two stories of kings and queens, and both of them have their own morals.

The first story starts with a brave, valorous king named Aahil who searches for a strong, equal companion for him. The second story starts with a princess Maggie who fell in love with a bricklayer and this time, these two people didn’t have equal status, but still, a girl fought for her love and won the game of her love life.

Now, let us start these two stories to understand the motive behind them as well. 

The Story of King Aahil and Queen Naina

The story of King Aahil and Queen Naina starts with King Aahil who was brave, handsome, smart, and benevolent. The time to get married at last came. King Aahil was looking for a perfect companion. 

People's well-being was the only thought in his mind. So, he was determined to marry a smart and kind-hearted girl. He heard about Naina. Naina was a princess of his neighbouring kingdom. She was a brave and smart girl. She even helped people in need. She was the only daughter of her father. Her father Narasimha supported her very much. She helped her father in making decisions. She made women's education compulsory in her kingdom.

These factors made Aahil feel impressed by her. He fell in love with Naina. He was determined to marry her. During the wedding, many people were invited to his kingdom. Many princesses of other kingdoms were jealous of Naina. They went to the king and asked why he was marrying Naina. Aahil gave a smile and proved that Naina was the perfect life partner for him.

Kings and Queens Stories

Kings and Queens Stories

King called Naina to his court. HE gave a pot to Naina. Aahil then asked her to fill the pot with intelligence. Immediately, Naina accepted that and asked to provide her with a month of time. Aahil agreed to Naina's condition.

Naina did it!!!

Naina thought very much. At last, she decided to fill the pot with watermelon. She went to the watermelon field and kept a small watermelon in it. She watered the plant daily. After a few days, the watermelon occupied the pot. She separated the watermelon from the pot.

Naina entered Aahil's court with the same pot. She gave the pot to the king. Aahil noticed a watermelon in it. He understood the hidden meaning in it. He felt very happy. But people and other princesses felt surprised. The king asked Naina to give an explanation for what she did. She said that he simply asked her to fill the pot with intelligence. So she did that. Intelligence is nothing but showing things that make everyone surprised. That is why she inserted a huge watermelon into the pot without breaking it. The others then agreed that Naina was indeed very clever and the best for King Aahil.

The Story of Princess Maggie and a Bricklayer Kevin

The story starts with a princess called Maggie. She was tall and as fair as snow. She had rosy lips and brown hair. She had light blue eyes and was very kind-hearted.

One day, she fell in love with a bricklayer named Kevin. His personality was amazing. He was strong, kind and calm-minded.

He also fell in love with her but never said anything. Princess Maggie told the whole kingdom about it except her dad because he would get angry. However, her mom knew everything.

One day, Maggie decided to reveal her love story to her dad, she thought he deserved to know and could not hide this secret from him any longer.

Instead of telling him directly, she prepared a surprise for Kevin. She sent him many flowers made into the shape of the words, “I love you”. He was very happy and went running to the castle. The princess was waiting for him. The father saw them, went up to them, and screamed:

“My daughter can never be with a bricklayer” and separated them.

Maggi said “It doesn’t matter what he is, but I love him unconditionally. If you love me, you should accept our relationship. Just because someone has more money than another or a different background doesn’t mean that we are different, we are all the same.”

The father went quiet and after a few minutes said:

“Daughter, you are right, I love you and I will allow you to live with him because for me your happiness is important.”

And they lived happily ever after.

The moral of this story teaches that name, lifestyle, fame, or money doesn’t matter. Everyone is equal.

From these two short stories on king and queen, we see that nothing comes easy and all we need is to fight for the choices we want to make in our lives. Intelligence and a good heart are important qualities that we must possess. To read more moral stories for kids, head over to our website today!

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FAQs on Short Tales of Kings and Queens

1. Why  did King Aahil fall in love with Naina?

Princess Naina was a brave and smart girl and used to help people in need. She helped her father King Narasimha in making decisions. She made women's education compulsory in her kingdom. These qualities of Naina  made Aahil fall in love with her. 

2. What is the moral of the story of  Princess Maggie and a Bricklayer Kevin?

The moral of the story of  Princess Maggie and a Bricklayer Kevin is that everyone is equal in this world. Love does not discriminate between poor and rich. It is a pure feeling.