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An Interesting Bedtime Story of a Magic Lake for Kids

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The story of a magic lake talks about the medicinal powers that a girl named Ampata brought for a prince of her city who was reeling from a mysterious sickness. No other medicine was able to give him a cure. One day, she came to know about a cure, which was a magical lake, drinking whose water would make the prince completely fine. This story focuses on what she does and how she is determined to save her prince.

Now, let us go through the story of the magical lake and see what happens.

The Story of Magic Lake: How It Started?

A long ago, in the capital of the Incas (near Cuzco), a girl named Ampata lived with her parents and two old brothers. This family was very poor and farmed the land so as to serve their emperor, the Sun King, the best way possible.

One day, suddenly, they learned that the health of the prince was worsening and the king feared for the life of his son.

On the very same day, a magician entered the palace and asked the king’s son to drink the water from the Magic Lake at the end of the earth, as it is the place where the sky reaches the bottom and touches the lake's water which charges the water with magical healing power.

The Sun King declared that anyone who could bring him water from the Magic Lake at the end of the earth would be rewarded handsomely. Gold and jewellery had no more worth than a barrel of maize to the Incan people; land, and the honour of joining the royal Inca dynasty, were far more valuable.

But it was the opportunity to serve their Sun King that drove Ampata's two older brothers to ask their parents to let them go. They insisted, "We know where the Magic Lake is."

"The end of the earth is too far," the father remarked, his arms crossed. The mother added, "Panthers, boa constrictors, descend from rocky ledges - who knows the dangers that could hit you!"

The parents eventually gave in, and Ampata's brothers set out on their quest. They trekked for months over numerous mountain ranges, convinced that the mountain they were ascending was the very last one on the planet, and that beyond it lay the Magic Lake. This, however, did not occur.

"We're not going to reach Magic Lake," one of the brothers stated, disappointed, after climbing yet another mountain they thought was the last on the planet, only to discover hundreds more peaks in the distance at its summit.

"I know," the other exclaimed, panting from exhaustion. "There's no way out."

"How should we proceed?"

"Look, the harvest is approaching, and our parents are counting on us to return to the farm. Let's bring some water back to the prince from this highland lake. What are the chances? We're a long way from Cusco. Perhaps the water will aid in his recovery."

Despite their reservations, they scooped the mountain lake water into a jar, sealed it, and delivered it to the Sun King at the castle.

The court magician, on the other hand, poured their water into his flask. Suddenly,  it sizzled and evaporated in a flash. The court magician was saddened. 

With a frown, the court magician expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation.

He explained, "This isn't real water.” "These guys are fake!"

The Sun King screamed, "How dare you try to dupe the royal family!" "Put them in jail!"

The plight of the young men became widely known. Ampata’s brothers nonetheless languished in jail. Ampata held out hope since at least they were alive.

When Ampata pleaded with her parents to let her go in pursuit of the Magic Lake, they answered, "Absolutely not!" "There will be no children at home," they predicted.

But Ampata pleaded with them, insisting that it was the only way to get her brothers out of prison. Besides, the Sun King's poor son was in a coma and was becoming worse. His predicament was dire.

Her mother finally brought her a bag of toasted corn and almonds, as well as a llama to keep her company. Her parents sighed as they said their goodbyes to their youngest child. She set out on her mission.

Ampata snuggled amid the warmth of her Illama at night. The second night, though, she was awakened by a panther's howl. She couldn't risk endangering her llama, so she directed her to the path back home and urged her to hurry. Ampata climbed into the trees that night to spend the night safely out of the dangerous path.

The Journey of Apmata to the Magic Lake

Ampata was perplexed the next morning as she observed a pair of scarlet macaws circling overhead. She ate some toasted corn and almonds while watching, and when the macaws landed on the next branch, she spread some treats for them too.

Suddenly, a voice said, Kwahh! Kwahh!" The macaws started helping themselves to the treat and asked each other, "What is a girl doing in here?”

Ampata told them the story of the prince's strange illness, her brothers’ failed attempt to save him, and how much she is eager to find the magic lake.

It’s very hard to find the lake, said one of the macaws. "Kwahh!" The two birds said this and flew to the edge of the limb.

After a moment, one of the birds came and expressed their gratitude for the treat Ampata gave and was ready to help her find the lake.

The macaws started rubbing their backs against one another in a kind of dance. After three feathers fell, they picked them up and came to Ampata.

One macaw set those feathers in her lap. These feathers were magical. They told her to hold them as a fan. By doing this, they will help her reach the lake and protect her from all the dangers that may come her way.

She stretched the three feathers out and knotted a wool ribbon from her hair around the bottom of the fan. "I'll never be able to thank you enough," she told the two macaws. "If you please, will you take me to the Magic Lake at the end of the earth?" she asked, holding the fan in front of her.

Ampata was lifted far above the trees and whisked to the mountains as if she were a feather herself. The snow-capped peaks of the Andes Mountains- the world's largest mountain range - sped by thousands of feet below her, and Ampata nervously gripped her fan. Finally, she was carefully dropped to the very final peak, where her feet landed. 

Apmata found the magic lake

Apmata found the magic lake

The Magic Lake glistened in front of her. Indeed, the water in the Magic Lake fizzed and sparkled where the sky met the water. Ampata realised she'd arrived at the edge of the planet. She put the fan into her waistline, which was braided.

Suddenly, a massive rattlesnake slithered out of the trees. It seemed to fly at her, flashing its long red tongue. Ampata, terrified, clutched the fan in front of her face and closed her eyes, knowing she was doomed if it didn't protect her. It's a ruckus. When she lowered the fan to just above her nose, she was astounded to see the massive rattlesnake collapse on the ground. The rattle at the end of its tail was about to fall over.

A massive red scorpion surprised her from behind, snapping its sharp front claws. It scurried at her on such many legs that she hardly had time to raise the fan. The sound of it rushing along the ground towards her stopped as soon as she did. The scorpion lay motionless on its back, its many legs waving in the air before settling down to rest.

Ampata made her way to the coast of the Magic Lake, carefully avoiding the scorpion and rattlesnake. A low humming began to emerge from behind her. She spun around and saw what appeared to be a low, dark cloud. The humming became increasingly louder, and the dark cloud became larger and darker.

A swarm of vicious army ants was going to surround her, which she realised with fear. She hurled the fan in front of her face, unsure if the feathers would protect her from the swarms of ants approaching from all sides. However, no ants bit her feet or climbed her legs in the next few seconds. She peered through the feathers, trembling. A swarm of lethal army ants lays dead all around her.

Ampata ran to the Magic Lake, holding the fan in front of her face while she dipped the jar into the magical water with her other hand. "Right away please, take me," she clutched the fan as soon as the jar was filled and sealed shut. She held the fan tightly and instructed, "Right away please, take me to the kingdom of the Sun King."

The next thing she knew, she was standing in front of the Sun King's castle, with its massive interlocking carved stone walls.

The girl was taken upstairs to the ailing prince's room after she stated she had brought water from the Magic Lake. Ampata handed her jar over to the court magician, a hulking figure who looked at her warily. He smiled and looked at her with enthusiasm when he put the water from her jar into his magic flask and it did not sizzle or disappear. He slipped his finger into the flask and dripped a few drops across the pale-faced young prince's lips. 

The prince regained his health

The prince regained his health

The sick man's lips parted, his tongue flicked out to taste the water for a brief period, and then his eyes opened. The prince smiled as everyone in the royal bedroom cheered.

The court magician handed him the flask containing Ampata's water from the Magic Lake and said, "Drink this, Your Highness." The prince sat up after taking a big gulp. "I feel better," he replied, as the colour in his cheeks returned.

Demands of Apmata after the Prince Recovered

After the prince recovered she stated, "Please, sir, may I seek three favours instead?"

"Of course, do what you wish."

"First and foremost, would you be willing to let my two brothers out of prison? I'm sure they're sincerely sorry for their mistake and would welcome the opportunity to serve you again."

"Think it over," the Sun King said. "Is there anything else?"

"I'd like to give these three magical feathers back to my scarlet macaw pals." The fan ripped itself free from her waistline in an instant, launched into the air, turned around, and flew out an open window.

"It appears that's also taken care of," the Sun King said with a smile. "Can you tell me about your third wish?"

"Would you please provide my parents big flocks of llamas, alpacas, and vicunas, as well as adequate land to herd them, so they won't be penniless in their old age and my brothers and I can look after them?"

"On one condition, my lovely girl, you vow to visit us frequently at the castle as our beloved friend since you have chosen not to join the Incan royal family at this time."

The story had an interesting ending, it shows the courage and the determination of a girl despite the odds. It also shows how a person (irrespective of age, gender, or intelligence) can do anything if he or she is persistent to do so.

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FAQs on An Interesting Bedtime Story of a Magic Lake for Kids

1. What happened after the prince regained his health?

The Sun King was overwhelmed with happiness. He said to Ampata that she did it, that she had carried the water from the magic lake with her. Ampata told the Sun King about her hard work, which made the Sun King very impressed with her. He further said to Ampata that she can live with the royal family.

2. With whom did Ampata live? How did her family earn their living?

Ampata lived with her parents and two older brothers. They earned their living by farming activities, in turn with their grown crops they would serve their emperor in the kingdom.