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Funny Dream Short Stories

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Introduction to Funny Dream

If you've ever awoken from a very vivid dream or even one that has faded to a hazy fog but still left an impression owing to its subject matter, you'll understand what it means.

Whether we're falling through the air, being chased through the streets, or losing our teeth, everyone has strange nightmares. And most of us have had the same strange dream several times. What are some of our most common recurring dreams? When do such dreams begin? How early in life do they begin? 

The same areas of the brain that are engaged when we learn and process information in the actual world are active when we dream and repeat the content. As a result, many of the things we see, hear, and feel in our everyday lives appear in our dreams. Our memories are processed more effectively with the aid of dreams.

Ross in a Swimming Race 

Get ready to go! On your marks, get ready to go! Ross was racing as hard as he could in a swimming race and as quickly as he could, but it didn't seem right. It dawned on him that he wasn't the one racing, but Stephanie Rice. His arms were being beaten by the force of the water. He was competing in the 500-metre freestyle and he felt renewed all of a sudden.

His heart was pounding furiously. He could hear the audience clapping. He noticed a few news reporters. Lauren Lickmoun would be the first to arrive, according to the statement. He increased his speed. He wanted to be the first to arrive. He was dead set on winning.

He was on his tenth lap and in the first place. The crowd had erupted into a frenzy. At the wall, he executed a tumbling turn. He was now heading in the opposite direction. He wasn't supposed to do a tumble turn against the wall. He was supposed to complete it. He swiftly turned around and pressed his hand against the wall. He was the first to arrive. His swimming cap and goggles were thrown away.

Then he heard his mom's voice “Get up honey, you are getting late for your school”. 

Ross dreaming about swimming race

Ross Dreaming about Swimming Race

Nancy with Her Fantasy World

Nancy walked inside a room, a room where the light was coming from. She knew she was in a fantasy world. She saw Cinderella and Snow White, but...she rubbed her eyes and thought to herself, "How is it possible?” She blinked and found herself on a unicorn that was flying. It was becoming increasingly difficult to believe it, but everyone wants to live that life once, so she tried to believe it and act like a princess. Then she saw a castle, a massive one.

Now she reached into her pocket and noticed that there was something inside. When she took it out, she discovered the magical mirror. She questioned, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the warmest of them all?" in a princess-like manner.

“, my majesty,” it said. She chuckled (shh, like a witch) and added, "Tell me something I don't know." Suddenly, she heard her mother yell at her, "Wake up, kid, it's 6:00 a.m., you'll be late for school." When she realised it was all a dream, she was ecstatic. What a disaster, she exclaimed! ...Lol she laughed and claimed that she had combined all of the fairy tales.

Nancy dreaming about the fantasy world

Nancy Dreaming about the Fantasy World

Julian in His Wired Dream

Julian was strolling through the hallways of his school in his dream. At least, that's what he thought he was doing until he looked down and realised he was on a horse.

This struck him as weird, but in the dream, he ignored it and continued walking down the corridors. At one point, he noticed the school's principal strolling down the corridor, glaring at him. He said to himself, "This is it. I'm in serious trouble. She's going to force me to get off my horse.” The principal went closer and closer till she finally came to a complete halt in front of him. She paused for a moment, her gaze falling on him.

"Julian, what are you doing?" she said. “You've broken the dress code! Sweatpants are strictly forbidden! Go home and change right now, and then return as soon as possible!" She then walked away, completely ignoring the horse. That's when he realised he was awake. He was really perplexed, to say the least. But after a time, He just jotted down the dream before forgetting about it and went about his business of getting ready for school. He also double-checked whether he was dressed appropriately.


One popular view concerning the function of dreams is that they aid in the storage of key memories and lessons learned, the elimination of irrelevant memories, and the sorting of complex thoughts and feelings. Sleep, according to research, aids memory storage.

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FAQs on Funny Dream Short Stories

1. What is a dream?

A dream is a series of pictures, ideas, emotions, and feelings that occur unconsciously in the mind during sleep. Humans dream for around two hours every night, with each dream lasting 5 to 20 minutes.

2. In Ross's dream, which race he was playing?

Ross was in a swimming race with Stephanie Rice.

3. In the dream, Nancy walked inside the room, where she was?

In the dream when Nancy walked inside the room, she was in the fantasy world.