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Chicken Little Story: Kids Favourite Bedtime Story

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Chicken Little Story for Kids

Chicken Little is one of those traditional bedtime stories related to cute animals. The main character of this story is Chicken Little. She believes the sky is falling after being hit in the head with an acorn. She informs her buddies, who rush out to inform the king, but will cunning Fox mislead them? 

Readers can engage with all of Chicken Little's animal friends, one by one, as they help her solve this puzzling situation! Let's read this story.

Story of the Chicken Little

Chicken Little was a small chicken who always seemed to have a solution to every problem. Chicken Little was playing in the yard under the maple tree one day when a squirrel rushed past with an armful of acorns, one of which fell and smacked Chicken Little in the centre of the head. The acorn then bounced back into the hole in the tree, leaving no trace of its presence.

The Chicken Littles, scratching their Yard

The Chicken Littles, Scratching their Yard

Chicken Little took a look around her; she looked up, down, and all around. But she couldn't identify what had hit her in the head. Chicken Little had a solution for everything, so she considered it for a long time and concluded that the sky must be crashing down. Chicken Little was frightened as a result of this. As a result, she decided to alert the King.

She packed some of her essentials into the bandana, tied it to the stick's end, tossed it over her shoulder, and hit the road. On her way, she was stopped by Cocky Locky, who inquired as to what the problem was. "I was sitting near a tree when a chunk of the sky fell and hit me straight in the face!" she said. Cocky Locky was also concerned. He met up with Chicken Little and the two of them set out for the King's castle.

On their way, they ran into Ducky Daddles. "Why are you both in such a hurry?", Ducky Daddles asked. They each related the story of Chicken Little's incident. "You haven't heard the sky is falling!" they exclaimed. Chicken Little was nearly squashed when a large piece fell on her." 

The little chicken saying, The Sky is Falling

The Little Chicken saying, The Sky is Falling

They had scarcely gotten halfway when they came across Goosey Loosey. "Hey, what's the matter?" Goosey Loosey inquired. "You appear to be tense!" The Goosey Loosey was informed about the occurrence by Ducky Daddles. Because the King's castle was rather far away, Goosey Loosey figured they'd need some protection, so the four friends set out for the castle. They spread the word wherever they went. They crossed the river, passed through the woods, passed by Grandma's house, and eventually arrived at the King's castle.

When they arrived, the King was taken by surprise by their presence. The King asked, "What are all of you doing here?" "The world is ending!" they exclaimed to the King. As proof, they revised the entire incident in front of the King. The King, on the other hand, was eager to view the part of the sky they were discussing. Chicken Little, on the other hand, didn't have it. "How could you say that was a piece of sky?" The kind asked.

The King concluded, "It might be anything!" "There was nothing above me save for the tree, and nothing on the ground when I was hit, and I always have answers for everything," Chicken Little said. So the sky was the only thing above me." They could not persuade the King to agree with them. As a result, the King returned with Chicken Little to examine the tree under which she had been seated that day.

"Hey, guys, did you see my acorn that I dropped the other day?" After they had been waiting for a while, a squirrel shouted back to them. They all started looking into it. Finally, when Chicken Little looked inside the tree's hole, she discovered a missing acorn. The squirrel appeared to be happy. Chicken Little had a good time.

Chicken Little discovered that the sky was not falling. He also accepted that he did not know everything.

Moral of the Story

This story has a moral, which is commonly taken as "don't believe everything you're told." Also, it teaches us that not every person knows everything. 

To read more such amazing stories, you can explore our website.

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FAQs on Chicken Little Story: Kids Favourite Bedtime Story

1. What did Chicken Little like?

Chicken Little likes going for walks in the woods. She enjoyed smelling the flowers and looking at the trees. She was fascinated by the sound of birds.

2. Why did the Chicken Little begin to run?

An acorn fell from a tree and landed on the top of her little head one day when she was out walking. "Oh my goodness, the sky is falling in!" "I have to rush and tell the lion about it," Chicken Little stated as she started running.