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My Best Friend Story- An Enlightening Tale of Two Best Friends

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We all have friends in our lives. It can be a friend from school, a friend in our neighbourhood, or a pen friend who lives far away. We mostly love and care for our friends, but we also fight with them sometimes and do not want to talk to them for a while. Though it is true that fights are common in any kind of friendship, it is also important to remember that we must cherish the good memories and try to forget the bad ones.

Let us read a wonderful tale of two best friends who realized the importance of friendship and forgiveness.

Best friends

Best friends

My Best Friend Story

Once there were two best friends who were walking through a desert. After a while, they had an argument and one friend slapped the other. The one who was slapped felt very bad and was hurt. But he said nothing. He just wrote something on the sand. It read, “Today, my best friend slapped me.”. Then he started walking again.

Soon, they reached an oasis and they decided to take a bath. But the friend who was slapped fell in quicksand and was drowning. Seeing this, the other friend jumped at him to save him. He tried and pulled his friend as much as he could. Finally, after a lot of struggle, he was able to pull his friend out of the deadly quicksand.

The friend who had previously slapped the other friend did not think twice before betting on his life to save his dear friend. This was an act of true friendship and bravery, and the friend who fell in the quicksand now wrote on a stone, “Today, my best friend saved my life.”.

A person drowning in quicksand requesting help

A Person Drowning in Quicksand Requesting Help

Seeing this, the other friend asked him why he had written the previous note on the sand and this one on stone. To this, his friend told him that when somebody performs an act of cruelty, it should be written on sand so that the wind can wipe it away with forgiveness, and a deed of goodness should be carved on a stone so that the wind can never wipe away this deed.


The two friends realized the importance of friendship and forgiveness. They also realized the significance of having people around who really care no matter how much they fight or quarrel. The two friends then hugged and went on another journey together.

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FAQs on My Best Friend Story- An Enlightening Tale of Two Best Friends

1. What is the moral of the story of the Two Best Friends?

The story of the Two Best Friends teaches us that in friendship, we should not remember the things that are hurtful, we should instead cherish the memories that give us happiness and joy. We should keep caring friends close to us and forgive the little unpleasant acts that may have been committed by them in the long run. 

2. Why did the friend who was slapped write the bad deed on the sand and the good deed on a stone?

The friend who was hurt had written the act of cruelly on sand so that the wind might carry away the writing, and he would forget it with forgiveness. He had written the good deed on a stone to make sure that the wind never erases this act of kindness and he could remember how his friend saved his life forever.