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The Dog and His Reflection Story

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Introduction to the Story

This story is about one dog. You must be familiar with dogs, the dog is one of the pet animals and many of you have a dog at your home. Most people keep and love dogs as their pet animals and the reasons vary from person to person. What are your reasons to like a dog or any other animal as your pet?

In this story, the dog was happily living in his area but one day when he was hungry he got a piece of bone outside a house, took it, and ran towards the bridge. Then what would happen to him on the bridge? Do you have any guesses? Yes, the dog saw his reflection in the water and got scared of his own reflection. Why would that happen to him?

Dog and his reflection story

Dog And His Reflection Story

You will get your answer to all questions in the story. Come on let’s start this interesting story “The dog and his reflection”.

Story Begins

Once upon a time, a dog was hungry and wandering in the streets in search of food. After some time, he got a piece of bone near a trash bin outside a house. He took that bone immediately and ran from that place. 

The dog was holding his food in his mouth and also hiding it from other dogs. But unfortunately, he met a group of dogs on his way. That group of dogs tried to snatch his food but somehow he managed to save his food from them and ran in the opposite direction. 

Now he was going home with it peacefully. On this way, he had to cross a bridge over the river to reach his home. The bridge was quite narrow and long but there was no other way to reach home except to cross the river through the bridge.  He started to walk on the bridge. While walking he thought he saw someone in the water.

Dog near water

Dog Near Water

Dog Seeing Reflection

He believed he saw another dog when he turned to look into the water.

The dog appeared to be the same as always, and he also had a piece of bone in his mouth.

His shadow was visible in the water. It was his shadow but he didn't understand it. 

"That piece of bone seems tasty. "I want it," the dog said.

"My piece is too little. That other dog's food will be taken by me. Thus, he barked at the opposing dog.

His piece of bone slipped into the water as he opened his mouth to bark.

The last thing he ever saw of it was when it emitted a "Splash!"

He said, "I shouldn't have lost my own piece of bone if I had let that dog keep his."

In this way, the dog lost his food due to his greediness.

Dog lost his food

Dog Lost his Food

Moral of the Story

Being greedy is a really foolish attitude.


A dog found a bone, and as he was walking near a river carrying it in his jaws, he noticed another dog in the water carrying another piece of meat. He had no idea that the image was of himself and not another dog. Not content with his own food, he opened his mouth to catch the other food as well. However, at that same time, his food slipped into the water and was dragged away until he could no longer see it. He was still hungry that day as a result of his greed.

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FAQs on The Dog and His Reflection Story

1. What is Reflection, Who saw the reflection in this story?

Reflection is the exchange in the path of a wavefront at an interface between two specific media in order that the wavefront returns to the medium from which it originated. Common examples encompass the reflection of mild, sound, and water waves. Through the help of reflection, we see our image.

2. What did the dog see in the water?

The dog saw his own reflection in the water and thought that there is another dog present who has a big piece of bone in his mouth.

3. What does this story of the dog and his reflection signify?

The story signifies the greediness of the dog. Since he is not satisfied with the food in his mouth, the dog is ungrateful. He sees another dog eating, and he wants to take it. Due to his greediness, he lost his food.