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Midnight O'Clock – Scary Midnight Story for Kids

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Midnight Stories for Kids Who Love Halloween!

Have you ever had dreams of witches and monsters and thought they were real? Well, you are not alone. Do you want to hear the midnight stories that a girl dreamt of? If you love some scary and fascinating imagination, this story is just right for you. It will show you what your imagination can do when you are awake at 12 O’clock at night. 

Get ready to hide under the covers kids, as such midnight stories are not for the faint hearted!

Scary Midnight Stories for Kids

Scary Midnight Stories for Kids

Remember Lurking Monsters?

Have you seen monsters in your cupboard or hiding under the bed? Do you remember hiding under your blankets for the longest time with your eyes tightly shut? Well, that’s what any smart kid would do with a scary imagination.

There are many midnight stories about something bad happening when the clock strikes at 12:00 a.m. What if you wake up exactly at midnight o’clock, in the dead of the night? And you see that the two zeros have turned into evil red eyes which are staring at you? Well, you must have shut your eyes and counted to 60 so that the clock reaches 12:01 when you open your eyes. This girl did the same. Here’s one of her midnight stories.

It Struck 12 O'Clock!

It's Midnight o’clock

It's Midnight o’clock

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who was about your age. Her imagination would create very fascinating dreams, some of which were beautiful but some were scary. One night, when it was a little over 9:00 p.m, the girl finished her glass of milk and went to bed. She got settled under her cosy blankets. 

Soon he drifted into her world of dreams. It was almost deep into the night when she suddenly heard the wind swirling outside her window. She realised it was the sound of a whistle blowing from a train passing nearby.

This awakened the girl and she sat up on her bed in her room. She swiftly passed her eyes over the clock. She almost caught her breath when she saw it was 11:59 on the clock. She clenched her eyes shut and covered them with her hands as it was about to be midnight. She started counting the seconds, while her imagination started creating all the scary fantasies that must be happening now at midnight o’clock.

Scary Monsters and Shadows

The girl saw that the red spots and purple swishy things came together and formed large hairy monsters. The monsters had ten glowing red evil eyes and five lage mouths. The girl also saw that their teeth were longer than the tiger’s fangs. 

Midnight Stories of a Girl who Saw Monsters

Midnight Stories of a Girl who Saw Monsters

Suddenly, the sky was overcast with dark thick clouds, and zigzag golden lighting shot down, followed by loud roaring thunder. The lighting hit three large trees outside her window, which fried the trees and made them alive. The trees uprooted themselves from the ground and started walking like humans. They were using their branches like hundreds of snake-like hands, crawling all around them. She saw the trees running towards her and had almost grabbed her.

The girl clenched her eyes tighter in fear. Then, in the snap of a finger, all the monsters and trees faded like mist amidst the huge orange. The girl tried to run away from the blazing flames but got herself stuck in quicksand.

She tried to get out of it by holding onto a nearby rock only to find that it was a large watery and sticky eyeball! Horrified, the girl then reached for vines but immediately dropped them because they were actually hissing snakes!

After sinking through the quicksand, she landed back on her bed. But she realised that it wasn’t her bed! Her bedsheet had turned into a big, slimy, and pink tongue, while the headboard had become a huge green goblin face. 

She used all her power and twisted and moved to get away but she slipped on the slimy tongue and fell all the way down through the goblin’s long throat into its stinky belly and landed with a thud!

Midnight was Over!

The goblin’s belly was pitch dark and the girl couldn’t see anything. Finally, she opened her eyes and took a breath of relief when she saw the clock read 12:01. Hurray! The midnight o’clock was over and the monsters were all gone! 

When the girl realised everything was back to normal, she felt her eyelids heavy with sleep. As she was about to fall asleep after snuggling back into her pillow, she thought for a moment that maybe if she hadn’t closed her eyes, she would not have to see all those horrible, scary things!


Were you horrified by the scary monsters and trees that the girl saw in her imagination? Or did you enjoy her midnight stories? Whatever the case, you too must have been scared of the midnight spooky stories, right? This shows how imaginative and creative you are!

If you want to read more midnight stories – both scary and fascinating, head to our website and read your favourite tale!

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FAQs on Midnight O'Clock – Scary Midnight Story for Kids

1. Why should kids also read spooky midnight stories?

The world is not all beautiful and magical, and kids should be made aware of that. These spooky midnight stories make kids realise just that. It shows them the other side of the world in an interesting way. Moreover, such stories also help nourish kids’ vivid imagination, beyond fairies and castles.

2. Were the monster, goblin, and trees all real?

In the midnight stories, none of the scary characters were real. The girl was scared of the clock striking midnight, so she used her imagination to dream of all these adventures and pass the few seconds that she was counting.