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The Miser Story - An Interesting Bedtime Story

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An Introduction to the Miser and His Story

The Miser Story is one of the short stories for children that conveys an important moral. The story ‘The Miser’ is about a significant man named Surendra who used to store everything, like money, gold, and valuable things. Even so, regardless of his rich status, he hated to spend any of his stored gold.

He purchased inexpensive or low-priced clothes for himself. He used to save all his money in the form of gold. But where did he use to hide this gold? Read ahead to know more about Surendra, the miser, and his mystery of gold.

The Miser and His Gold

The Miser and His Gold

The Story

Long long ago, there was a Miser man named Surendra. But no one called him by his name because he hated to spend his single penny. Thus everybody used to call him a miser man. Miser man used to store his gold at the bottom of the tree on his land or lawn, but every week he used to go there and plough up and take great pleasure in his grains by looking at them. Every day he followed this routine. 

The Thief Observing

The Thief Observing

One day a thief, who had observed his routine, went after him in the night and ploughed up the gold and took it away. When the next day, the  Miser came to take great pleasure in his money, he found nothing but the vacant hollow.

He ripped up his hair and started to shout so loud that all the neighbours came around him and he informed them how he used to come into the land and see his gold. Of all the neighbours, one of them asked him, Why didn't you save the money at home? It would be an easier way to access the money to buy something. 

The Miser replied abjectly, “No, I only came to have a look at it and I never used the gold to buy anything. I was not going to use it.” The Miser was very sorrowful as he didn’t find his money there. The Miser was in tears. One of his friends said, "You should hide a rock in the hole and look at it every day. You did not once use the money when you had it. I think it was no better than a rock, anyway.” That's the reason why this story is named “The Miser and His gold.”

Moral of the Story

The main moral of this story is that we live in the present. Worrying for tomorrow and sacrificing the present wont make you happy. Even though we should have a plan for our future, we should also enjoy the present.


In this story, we have read about a man who doesn't want to waste his money on unwanted needs. He always tries to save money. But in the end, his gold was stolen by a thief and he felt sorrowful. Thus, the story teaches us that we should value what we have and spend it on keeping our loved ones and ourselves happy and healthy. Otherwise, we might regret it later.

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FAQs on The Miser Story - An Interesting Bedtime Story

1. How did the miser lose his gold?

When one day a miser was hiding his gold, a thief observed it. The thief took out all the gold from there and ran away. This way, the miser lost his gold.

2. What does miser mean?

Miser means the person who does not want to spend a single penny. In the story, the man has the same characteristics he used to hide his gold and come to see it every day but does not want to spend or invest it anywhere.

3. Why are bedtime stories so important?

Reading stories to your children helps develop their imagination. By listening to the story and looking at the pictures their little brains receive so many ideas, and they are able to predict what is going to happen next or come up with their own endings.