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Crow and Deer Story

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Why You Should Not Trust Anyone Easily?

Reading moral stories to children helps to develop values in them without being preachy. Moral and ethical values have a significant role in shaping children's character.

Reading moral stories are not just a great way to improve literacy skills, but they are also a smart and effective way to lay a strong moral foundation. Reading moral stories to kids helps them integrate family values and ethics, giving them a firm understanding of basic emotions.


There lived a crow and a deer who had been friends since they were young. There was also a fox who craved to eat the plump and healthy deer. "It'll be delicious if I have this deer for lunch. But first and foremost, I must gain trust of the deer,' the cunning fox thought. 

The fox returned the next day to the spot where the deer and the crow were having a chat as usual. "Hello, I've seen you a few times and I'd like to be your friend!" he said. "How can you be friends with us!" exclaimed the crow. The fox was quite clever and questioned him, asking, "Why can't a fox be friends with a crow and a deer? Please give me the opportunity to prove myself. I promise to be a nice friend!"

Fox request to be friends with crow and deer

Fox request to be friends with crow and deer

But the clever fox could not convince the crow, his remarks barely convinced the deer. The deer told the crow, "Oh, he appears to be nice. We'll be able to meet him as a friend!" "Are you in your right mind? It's not possible!''   The crow screamed.   "That's ok, friends! 'I'll take your leave!' said the fox calmly as he walked away. 

The next day, when the deer was alone, the fox returned and began speaking to him in a very sweet tone. "Hello, there's a farm nearby with an abundance of crops. If you go there, you can get fresh, green leaves" the fox advised.  The deer was persuaded by the fox's words and changed his mind. "All right, let's go!" agreed the deer. Soon after, the fox led the deer to that field, where the deer jumped with delight.

When it saw the field, it went jumping and began enjoying eating the grass. "Oh, thank you so much! I had enough. Let's go back to the jungle, shall we?" the deer said. The fox paused for a moment before implementing its second plan. It mentioned something bad about the crow, and the deer stopped meeting with it. From then on, the fox and the deer went to the field together.

Those were the crops of a farmer. He was examining his field one day when he noticed that it had been damaged. He felt angry and instantly recognised the deer's footsteps. He immediately devised a strategy for catching the deer and spread the net throughout the field.

The next day, the deer arrived in the field as usual, only to get caught in the farmer's net. As soon as the deer entered the field, it was immediately trapped. This made the fox very happy because it was part of his plan. The fox's mouth watered as he thought to himself, "My lunch is waiting for me." The delighted fox ran behind a tree to hide.

The crow, on the other hand, happened to fly above the farm. "It appears to be my friend! It's in  trouble. I have to help" says the crow to himself.  "Oh, my friend! Please forgive me! I deserved it because I didn't listen to you. You've warned me about the fox" the deer cried.

The crow told the deer to act as if it was dead as the farmer approached. The crow pricked the deer's eyes in accordance with their strategy. The farmer assumed the deer was dead soon after. The deer fled as soon as the farmer had the net in his hands. The crow saved the deer, and they reunited as best friends.

Lessons from the Story

Remember the crow.  It had always been a friend. It gave good advice to the deer and also cautioned the fox. Never fall prey to others who use honey-dew words since they could be harmful at any time.

Make sure you choose your friends carefully. Your friends are among the great people who will always be there for you, not only in happy times but also in times of danger. True friendship, on the other hand, does not ask anything in return.


As in the story, we have to be cautious of people who make friends solely to fulfil their malicious goals. They may appear to be lovely, but in truth, they are never trustworthy.

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FAQs on Crow and Deer Story

1. Can we add a connection between crow and farmer in the story?

Yes. Maybe the hunter picked up the cunning fox. And the fox pretended to be buddies with other forest animals in order to entice them to the hunter's location. The hunter kills the animals and gives the cunning fox a piece of the meat.

2. How did the deer escape from the hunter?

The deer obeyed the crow's instructions exactly; the hunter approached the deer and opened the net. The deer quickly started to run after hearing the crow's signal and escaped.