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The Greedy Crow Story in English from Jataka Tales

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The Greedy Crow Story for Kids

Every kid loves the stories from Jataka Tales for their exciting plots and characters while every parent loves such greedy stories and other stories from the collection because they inculcate great virtues in children. Having read at least one story from the Jataka Tales is a must-have for every child.

So, let’s get you started if you haven’t read one with one of the greedy stories – “The Greedy Crow”.

Once Upon a Time…

There lived a crow in a forest. He was very greedy and always poked his nose in others’ matters, which is why no animal or bird in the forest liked him. One day, the crow found a piece of meat on the ground. He quickly grabbed it in his beak and flew to the top of a tree. 

The crow found a piece of meat

The crow found a piece of meat

When he was about to eat his food, the crow saw a Kasay Kasay (a small bird) flying by. She was carrying a small dead animal. The crow asked her, “Where did you get this dead animal you are carrying?” But the bird ignored the crow and kept flying even faster. 

When the Crow realised that Kasay Kasay did not answer him, he became furious and again shouted, “Kasay Kasay, stop at once! Give me a piece of the dead animal or I will take the whole thing for myself!” But the small bird kept on flying pretending she heard nothing. 

Now the crow’s pride was hurt and he was full of rage. He wanted the dead animal by any means. So, he flew after the small creature, forgetful of the piece of meat he left back on the tree trunk. Kasay Kasay was a small bird but she beat the crow in speed and the crow couldn’t catch her.

Crow chasing the Kasay Kasay

Crow chasing the Kasay Kasay

While the crow was busy in his quest to grab Kasay Kasay’s food, a hawk happened to pass by the tree where the crow had left his meat. The hawk noticed the meat and understood what was going on. He swiftly seized the piece of meat in his claws and flew away. 

After several repeated failed attempts of the crow to overtake Kasay Kasay, he finally gave up after a long time and flew back to his tree where he had left his meat. Upon reaching there, he was shocked to see that the meat was not there. The hungry crow was now helpless and disappointed.

The hawk took the crow’s piece of meat

The hawk took the crow’s piece of meat

The hawk, who had taken the crow’s meat, saw the crow and passed the tree again. He called to the crow and told him that he had taken his meat. The hawk sarcastically said to the crow, “I am very sorry for you!” Thus, the greedy crow finally realised his lesson. 


If you liked this story of a greedy crow, you must want to read more, right? You can find an extensive collection of short stories for kids online on our website and can choose from short stories with moral lessons, Aesop’s fables, Jataka Tales, poems, and lots of other reading material for students of all age groups!

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FAQs on The Greedy Crow Story in English from Jataka Tales

1. What is the moral of “The Greedy Crow” story?

Greed often overpowers intelligence, so don’t be greedy. Be content with what you own.

2. What are the Jataka Tales?

The “Jataka Tales” has an Indian origin. It is a huge collection of Buddhist stories with morals, which contain Buddha’s recount of his long road to enlightenment. It has folk stories rather than religious text, and the stories are popular for their entertaining values more than the messages they impart. Jataka Tales is often compared with Aesop’s fables, in which the characters try to solve difficult problems in creative and comical ways.