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Golden Goose Story for Kids

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A Short Story on Golden Goose

Golden Goose is the most amazing bedtime story for kids. Read out this small story of Golden Goose that laid golden eggs to your child. The story will entertain your child and convey a moral that being too greedy in life is bad. Read the article below to know the short story on “Golden Goose” along with its moral. 

The Golden Goose

The Golden Goose

Short Story On Golden Goose 

Once upon a time, there lived a poor farmer in a small village along with his wife. The couple had a small farm where they grew vegetables and fruits and sold them in the local market to earn money. However, the farmer managed to save a little money each time he sold fruits and vegetables in the local market. With this extra money, the farmer and his wife decided to purchase a golden goose with an aim to become richer and richer. 

The farmer took the golden goose to his farm and decided to build a nest for her so that she could lay eggs. The farmer thought he would use these eggs to sell, eat, and make bread. 

The next morning when he went to collect some eggs for his breakfast, he found that the goose laid golden eggs. The farmer and his wife got excited seeing golden eggs. Soon the farmer discovered that the golden goose was not an ordinary goose as she started laying golden eggs everyday.

The poor farmer happily said to his wife, “This is a mysterious goose”. Now, we can quickly become richer and richer.  The farmer and his wife were getting richer slowly and steadily. But it was no longer so, the farmer grew impatient with the goose because she was laying only a single egg a day. He was not getting rich fast enough as he thought.

Then one day, he imagined if a bird is able to lay golden eggs, then she must be made up of gold from inside. He thought he would get all the golden eggs at once by killing it and cutting it open. But when the goose was killed, not a single golden egg was found, and he also lost his precious “Golden Goose”.

Moral of the Story “Golden Goose”

The famous English proverb “Kill not the Goose that Lay Golden Eggs” is deeply rooted in this story.  When we use this proverb, we mean that anyone who wishes to get more than he is entitled to ends up getting nothing in the future. Hence, the moral of the story is those who are greedy to have more, they even lose everything they have. 

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FAQs on Golden Goose Story for Kids

1. How did the story “Golden Goose” end?

With a desire to become richer and richer, the farmer and his wife killed the goose and cut her open to get all the golden eggs at once. However, to their disappointment, they discovered that the inside of the golden goose was like any other goose and was not made up of gold. In killing the goose that laid golden eggs, the poor farmer lost both the goose and golden eggs and became poor again.

2. What does the story “Golden Goose” teach us?

The story “Golden Goose” shows that being greedy is wrong and foolish. If the farmer and his wife were not greedy enough to get more gold, they would have not killed their precious golden goose and thus would not have deprived themself of getting a reliable and steady source of income from their special bird.