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The Cruel King

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Introduction to Cruel King Story of a King

Through this story, kids will understand how to be grounded even if they have nothing. Stories are the simplest way to teach a kid any lesson. Through stories, kids learn very fast, and the tale remains in their minds for a long interval. Do you want your child to also know about these tales from Indian culture? 

Let's read out loud and clear this story of poor Brahman. The tale was very interesting as we all get dreams in our daily life, now let's read about the short king stories with moral and cruel king stories.

Cruel King Story

A long time ago in a foreign land, there was a boy kid who was the son of a cruel king. This king was so horrible that he loved to box the poor boy's ears.

He did nothing wrong. Well, he may have been carrying food from the closet, but only because the king would not let him eat. The king sees him stealing an apple from the closet and boxes his ears. The boy was nearly deaf.

The cruel king

The Cruel King

The king soon married a most gorgeous woman. Her name was Mary the Pure. This beautiful new woman truly loved the king but shortly found out that the king hurts poor honest children. "The boy is almost deaf!" she shouted at him”. He could be hurt! Why would you boxin' your own son's ears? Do you have a right to be the king if you are so cruel?" 

The king was hurt. His name was Richard the kind (Don't ask me how he earned that name because when he survived a bit his mom's big toe). The king did not belong on the throne.

He had an identical brother, and the king did. His name was Henry. He was the rightful king, but an accident was to come to him. At the time, they were identical princes, and they did get along. 

Their father told them that Henry was to become the successor to the throne. Richard did not like this at all. He conspired to kill his brother. He went to his room and started composing in his journal many bad things to do to his brother.

He scheduled to drop a bucket on his head that was full of bricks, but he agreed against it for it was too much like a game. He instead thought of injuring him while he was sleeping. 

While Henry was napping he injured himself in the throat. He then proceeded into making the killing look like Henry killed himself. That he did. He placed his arms to make it look as if he injured himself in the throat. He then closes his eyes.

King is giving advice

King is Giving Advice

The next morning Richard was awakened to the sound of his mom screaming. He smiled. He knew that he would shortly become the king. He realized that his mother would think Henry murdered himself. Richard realized that he would one day be the king of the world. He thought this but he didn't overthrow the world. He only became king of the state. 


In this short cruel king story, we learned a lesson that Greed is evil, we can not do wrong to others for our benefit. This is why we say that we should not think too much without any reason and should not be greedily vain. We should focus our minds on our work and not on greed. The greed of a cruel king is just agreed we should not react to it in reality. What we have got in real life is the reality of our life. The kid must learn how to satisfy themselves. The cruel king story is a lesson for kids that we should not react to our greed.

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FAQs on The Cruel King

1. What did you learn from the above story?

When you plan to do something good or bad, you have saturated your thoughts. And when you do that your mind will not recognise anything else.

2. Who was the writer of the story?

It is written by all khan ( Karachi Pakistan). He generally writes poems on morals and values for kids. Because everybody knows that the child learns best from the story.

3. What types of stories are good for children?

At their developing stage, children enjoy reading or listening to stories that are simple, easy to follow and have a fascinating storyline. Fairy tales, mythologies and folktales, trickster tales, and rhyming tales are some of the best tale types that children may love.