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Smile Please! The Story of A Little Fawn

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Smile Please Story for Kids of Age 4-6 Years

Have you ever spotted a fawn in a zoo or a national park? Fawns are very young deer who are barely a year old. They have brown furry skin and are quite amicable in nature. You may be surprised to know that though fawns are six inches tall at birth, they can walk in just seven hours. Yes! They can stand up in about 10 minutes and learn to walk that fast. Do you wonder how these pretty little animals play around just like a baby who learns to walk for the first time?

Well, here’s an endearing short story for kids about a little fawn who could run very fast. Let us now read what happens when he tries to overtake every other friend of his in the forest.

The Story - ‘Smile Please!’ 

Long ago, in a forest, there lived three baby deer with their Mamma deer and Papa deer. One bright summer day, in the month of June, the Mamma deer gave birth to her fourth baby. The little fawn had big beautiful eyes and a loving smile. The Mamma deer named the cute little fawn Doe.

Soon, Doe could stand up and she ran around with her siblings. In fact, she was so fast that her siblings could not keep up with her pace when they raced. She would go chasing after the butterflies and honeybees to catch them. But she would get disappointed every time they flew higher up the mango tree at the back of their home. 

Doe Chasing a Butterfly

Doe Chasing a Butterfly

Doe had four friends in the forest, a rabbit, a monkey, a baby bear, and an elephant. They met every evening by the blue stream in the west of the forest. They liked the cool and sweet water of the stream. One such evening, when the setting Sun painted the sky in reddish-orange, Doe and her friends sat lazily by the stream. 

Gazing at the reflection of the Sun in the water, the elephant said, “Hey! We always sit lazily here. Can we go and see the plains beyond our forest?”. “I don’t think that’s a good idea for us to go there without our parents,” said the rabbit. However, Doe was intrigued by this idea. It was decided that they would visit the plains the next morning.

The next morning, the elephant, the rabbit, the monkey, the baby bear, and Doe met by the stream and headed off to the plains. When they reached, they were overjoyed to see the vast stretch of plains right in front of them. They were all very excited to run across the plains. Doe was running very fast. She ran ahead of the rabbit, and said, “Hey friend, pace up!”. 

Doe Running ahead of the Rabbit

Doe Running ahead of the Rabbit

Soon, she was ahead of the baby elephant. She left behind the monkey and the baby bear, too. She ran through the plains and galloped over a stream flowing across the plains. She ran ahead of the crumbling wall on the other side of the stream.

Doe was ecstatic as she ran in the fresh air. Little did she know, while galloping happily, that her glee was going to vanish the very next minute. She stumbled on a large boulder that stood in the grassy plain and fell down. Her left leg was hurt badly. So she burst into tears. Tears rolled down the cheeks of the little fawn Doe, as the monkey massaged his leg. The baby bear picked her up and hugged her tight. She still could not stop crying.

Bear Picking up Little Doe

Bear Picking up Little Doe 

Doe’s friends took her home. She was still in tears. When her mother came out, the rabbit told how Doe got hurt on the boulder. Mamma deer smiled at Doe and said, “Dear Doe, do not feel bad about falling down. We will go and beat up the bad boulder that hurt you.” Little Doe said, “Oh no Mamma, please do not beat the bad boulder up. Else, it would also start crying, just like me.” The Mamma deer burst out into laughter. Seeing her laugh, Doe also started to laugh, and the sad faces of her friends were brightened up. 

Mamma Deer and Doe Laughing Together

Mamma Deer and Doe Laughing Together


The Smile Please story tells us how a little fawn went all smiles from tears after she had a great fall. Though all her friends consoled her, only her mother could make her smile with a simple funny idea. The little fawn did not want the boulder on which she stumbled, to be beaten up. She was compassionate towards the boulder and did not want it to get hurt like her. So, kids who read this story can learn how not to hold a grudge against those who hurt them and always win over their tears and smile on. This story teaches us to face any bad situation with smiles instead of tears, and so the name of the story goes ‘Smile Please!’.

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FAQs on Smile Please! The Story of A Little Fawn

1. Why did Doe stumble on the boulder?

A boulder is a large rock that gets worn out to smooth by erosion. Doe was running so fast that she could not stop at once when she saw the large boulder in the grassy plain. So, as she ran into it, she stumbled.

2. Why did Doe ask her mother not to beat up the boulder?

When her mother said that they would beat up the boulder, Doe felt bad for it. She could relate to the pain it might have caused the boulder. She said that the boulder would cry if her mother beat her up. So she asked her mother not to beat up the boulder.