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Interesting Short Mystery Stories for Kids

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An Introduction to Mystery stories

Children have various interests. They like to read different kinds of stories. Sometimes they like to listen to or read mystery stories. Here we have provided short mystery stories for kids. The stories have amazing tracks and adventures. Detective stories are kids' all-time favourite stories. Two detective stories are given in the following article. One is “Birbal the detective'' and the second is “The Little Detectives”. Both the stories are fun to read. Let’s read the story and see how they will solve the mystery.

Birbal the Detective

Kalu was a hardworking gardener of the royal garden. He was saving money for his old age and kept his savings in a secret hidden place. Kalu went crying to Birbal one morning and told him that all his savings, which were around a thousand gold coins, had been stolen. He further told him that he kept his money by digging a hole under the pear tree in the royal garden as he used to work in the royal garden the whole day, so it was easy for him to watch over the money. Birbal assured him that he will solve the case. Then Birbal thought if anyone had dug up under the tree, only then one could know about the gold coins.

Birbal and Kalu

Birbal and Kalu

Birbal summoned all the Vaidyas and Hakims (ancient time doctors) and asked them if any part of the pear tree works as medicine. Most of them refused but one of them told him that the fruit of the pear is good for health but flowers and leaves are not helpful. Then an experienced Vaidya told Birbal that recently he made a paste of some herbs and mixed it with the paste made of the roots of a pear tree. That I gave to a patient of mine, named Seth Hazarimal who was suffering from jaundice. Seth was asked to come and Birbal enquired about him and he agreed that he was cured by eating the paste of herbs and roots of a pear tree. He told him that his servant brought the root of the tree for him. 

Seth Hazarimal’s servant was summoned. He was found guilty because of his suspicious behaviour and he admitted that he had stolen the gold coins. Thus, Birbal found the thief who had stolen the gold coin and told Kalu not to hide his money in such an unsafe place. 

The Little Detectives

Peter and Mona were two siblings. Both of them loved finding their lost things and used to search like a detective. They had a magnifying glass and had a telescope. They have a cute and naughty dog named Jumbo. 

Peter, Mona, and their dog Jumbo

Peter, Mona, and their dog Jumbo

All three play together with their ball. One day, their ball was missing from its place. They started searching for the ball. In the house, many things were getting disappeared and it became a mystery where things were going. Now the kids decided to search for missing things and they became “Little Detectives”. They hung their binoculars in the shoulder and started their search with a magnifying glass in hand.

The Little Detectives

The Little Detectives

Peter and Mona examined the place very closely from where the ball was missing. They found a small hair of brown colour after investigation. This proof was helpful for them to find their lost ball and other things in the house. 

Both started thinking about that hair and concluded everyone has brown hair in this house including their dog. Their suspicion was on Jumboo because none of the family members would do that. To find out that, they kept an eye on the activity of Jambo. One day, they saw Jambo digging a pit behind a tree. They watched quietly and kept watching till Jumbo left. When Jambo left, little detectives went to see the place well and dug the pit and were surprised to see that all the lost items of the house and their ball were there. 

Detectives took all those things and showed them to the parents. They told them that the thief was our naughty Jumbo who hides the things. Seeing all this, Jumbo started jumping into the house. The little detectives put their magnifying glass, telescope back in their briefcase. Again they started playing with the ball and enjoyed what they did. Thus, both the kids got their ball back and called themselves ‘Little Detectives’.


The short mystery stories are always liked by kids. Kids do not lose interest while reading the stories as the mysteries are always solved at the end. The above two stories will be enjoyed by children and will make them motivate to read stories.

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FAQs on Interesting Short Mystery Stories for Kids

1. How did Kalu get his money back?

Birbal helped Kalu in getting his savings back. He summoned all the Vaidyas and Hakims and found out the real thief who was the servant of a patient.

2. Who has taken the ball in the story, Little detectives?

The dog of Peter and Mona named Jambo took the ball and hid it under the tree. He was a naughty dog and he did it for fun.